How to get rid(or minimize)ads?

Anyone know how I can rid myself of this pestilence(almost said plague😬) of ads off an I-phone?

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I wish I knew. My ad blocker is not working, and some of these ads are HIGHLY problematic. There was one yesterday that was a virus-infested clickbait site. Others with curse words. Etc.


I don’t know either, but setting a pic of a St. Benedict medal as wallpaper cant hurt! :grin:

I’ve noted the same. Not all of those ads belong on a Catholic site.

@camoderator, @cawebmaster, can these be cleansed or at least vetted?


Yeah, I don’t approve of these advertisements. Really a poor choice…


See if there’s a “Lite” setting in your online browser that loads less data. I discovered it while on a roaming data plan - it asked me if I wanted to opt in. It gets rid of a lot of the ads and unnecessary goop from all websites.

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I just installed an ad blocker. Problem solved😎

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