How To Get Someone Back Into The Faith?


hi everyone that reads this thread and may god bless you all and help you in carrying your cross daily. The reason why I’m starting this thread is because I’m having trouble with convincing my father that the catholic church is not what his church makes it out to be, that is as mary worshippers, idol worshippers, bible destroyers, members that are part of an ancient babylonian cult they call “THE WHORE OF BABYLON” etc. I just wanted to know from people that have been successful in bringing back any of their family members back to the true faith how they did it? i need some help with this. My dad like most protestants puts his whole authority in the bible only, so it basically seems that whatever i come out with he just refutes it because its not in the bible. I have tried telling him about the early christians and what they practiced back in the early church, but when i try telling him he doesnt believe it. And he’s constantly insulting the catholic church and the pope ( of course thats no surprise). I just really dont know what else to say anymore to him. Hopefully you all can help with this task



Ivan, your father just needs your LOVE! God is God, and perhaps He requires things of your father that only through protenstanism he (your father) will find.

As you may find here in this forum, there is ‘something’ Protestants ‘bring’ with them into Catholicism. Sometimes, it is refreshing and other times it ‘awakens’ the sleeping Catholic to re-examine their faith.

Try not to argue with your father. Just lay bits of the evidence before him, from time to time, and let him connect the dots.

Remember, there is no point being Catholic, if you do not belive in Christ to the extent of researching and discovering His Life and WHAT CHURCH He established.

Pray often, with your father, and Christ will, as He, WILLS.

LOVE is The Key!

You, are to be The Catholic Church to your loved ones and everyone else who ‘sees’ you.

God Bless…



I am a recent convert to the Catholic church. All my family members are from anti-catholic churches. I think prayer for the Holy Spirit to open their minds is so important. For your father, let him know our Church stongly advocates our respect and love towards our parents. I made the decision that I would discuss in love any of their objections only if they were willing to do so in a loving and respectful manner. We would open discussion in prayer, and have ground rules. They are expected to back up their information regarding the teachings of the Catholic church with proof from the Church writing. If they insist on making accusations on the basis of only what they have heard from their church, a discussion will not take place. There are so many resources, that biblically prove the Church teachings. The best I have found is What The Catholic Church Really Teaches by Dr. Ray Guarendi & Rev Kevin Fete.

One point of discussion I make is the fact that Martin Luther changed the scriptures used by Christ and his Apostles, the Septuigant from 250 B.C. Luther deleted seven old testaments books and even tried to delete James, Hebrews and Revelations! It seems to be a point scripture believing protestants have no clue about! It is a point that hits home regarding sacred scripture.

Enjoy your faith in The Church! Your example will make a hige impact and perhaps even soften the souls towards this Church. Let them see your great satisfaction, joy, peace, and faith in catholism.


We can’t bring someone back into the faith.
That’s up to the Holy Spirit.

It’s like this…

We are in sales.
The Holy Spirit is management.

We can explain and teach our faith to those that we love with love.

“Did you know that before 1517 a.d. all the Protestant Reformers were Catholic and there were no Protestant denominations until after then?”

“Did you ever notice that the Catholic Church has priests,holy water and tabernacles just like in the Bible?”

“Before 1930 all Christian Churches were against contraception but now only the Catholic Church is.”

“Did you ever notice how the word “one” is repeated in the Bible?”

One Church, One Bride, One Body, One Shepherd, One Flock, One Heart, One Soul, One Mind, One Flesh, One Lord, One Baptism, One Faith, One God, One Foundation, One Spirit,

Also try to live our faith and see Jesus in everyone and that speaks louder then anything you can say.


I don’t think I could use strictly theological positions in getting someone to come to the Catholic Church. I would have to show them by example, fruits, evidence of my spiritual life in actions. I just don’t have the wherewithal to be an intellectual theological powerhouse like a Scott Hahn or the countless others we are familiar with.



Prayer and fasting. Prayer and fasting. Prayer and fasting.

Repeat. Rinse.


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