How to Get to I do

So I know I am a guy but I was interested in reading Amy Bonacorsos book “How to Get To I Do”. Has anyone read it and if so how was it. I listen to the time she was on Catholic answers. What’s hard is I have a hard time discerning how she means certain things. I feel like for instance, when she says prince charming doesn’t exist. I feel like she says that if you find a guy that is a pious Catholic, and he is a gentle men and just a great person he’s to good to be true and you shouldn’t try and pursue the relationship. I’m not saying I’m perfect far from it, nor am I saying I am God’s gift to Women, but if a couple is a aware of those times where the guy may not shine in a suit of armor they can have a better vision while still have the high Ideal.

If I may, I will attempt to give my interpretation of the meaning “Prince Charming doesn’t exist,” and if my understanding is incorrect, hopefully wiser heads will correct me! :slight_smile:

We women are brought up with this idea that we should expect our future husband to be the Prince Charming written about in secular fairy tales: a perfect man who never sins, never loses his temper, never leaves dirty socks on the floor or forgets to take out the garbage, never says a harsh or thoughtless word. This perception is an injustice because no man can live up to that expectation. The authoress of the book you are reading is trying to explain that girls of courting age should not be disappointed when they discover that their Prince Charming has feet of clay, so to speak. She is trying to explain that young women should expect pious, godly men who are prepared to be spiritual leaders in their homes but it does all men an injustice to expect complete perfection from them.

That was a rather verbose explanation, I hope it made sense. I look forward to reading other responses to your question.

May God guide you as you pray for His will for a partner in this life. May He guide you to a Proverbs 31 woman.

I was going to say the same thing. I haven’t read the book nor heard of the author, but if I had to guess, I would say she is encouraging girls to readjust their expectations in light of the fact that the only perfect guy is the one who was nailed to a tree. The rest of us are just doing the best we can.

That’s what I was trying or rather hoping she was trying to get at. I mean I was hoping that it would be the small stuff she was telling women not to sweat you know. I’m not a saint in the least, I had my tousles in life even though it hasn’t been a long one. I just know women who are Catholic, and because they couldn’t find Mr.Right they took their bar gave it a thrust downward. It hurts when some are your friends because you want them to be happy but they lowered themselves and started the more secular way because they wanted to be in a relationship.

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