How to go to Mass at home?

As the other people are saying, see if there’s some other way you can get to Mass like ride with someone. But if it’s not possible, then just look forward to the day when you will be able to transport yourself or live closer to a church that you can walk to.
And I hope you will be just as interested in going to Mass when it is available to you :slight_smile:


Thank you. Honestly I do not know but I am unsure of everything.

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I feel like God is making my life more complicated, if he wanted me to come to mass then why is he making it so hard? That’s my biggest struggle.

Pray and ask God for the Grace to know what is the very best way to handle this.

Well, this is really a question you should ask God and then ponder it in your heart and he very well might let you know why.

But sometimes God makes things like Mass difficult for a while so that we value the Mass more when we are able to attend. There’s a tendency to take Mass, and God, for granted quite often.

Sometimes God also tests people by making things difficult to see if they will be faithful to him. This happens all through the Bible.

And sometimes when someone really is trying to be holy and do everything to please God, Satan will try to jump in and mess up their plans and it’s just a matter of persevering.

Life is difficult, that’s just how it is. We must always persevere and love God even through difficulties.


God permits things, for His reasons and we may never know what these were in this life. But these trials and tribulations can be put to good use by us in strengthening our Faith and Trust in Him, by praying Acts of Faith and Hope and Love each day and patiently enduring them until things change.

He does want you to come to Mass. He expects your parents to fulfill their obligations for Sunday Mass not just for themselves but for you too. God has given them free will, and these are decisions they have made.

You can politely and respectfully suggest things to your parents, otherwise pray as we suggested, offer up to God this suffering of yours in not being able to attend Mass when you want to, and pray for your parents to change their minds and take everyone to Mass.

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It sort of is. He is putting so many road blocks in the way. Like if you want us to believe and feel like your the best stop making it so hard for us.

Pray and ask God for His guidance in this!

How old are you?

Most of us are spoiled in that we have opportunity & means to go to Mass a lot more often than we care to.

My advice to you is to pray the Mass as best you can whenever you have the opportunity, when your parents do take you.

Those other times, pray. Watch daily Mass on YouTube & pray along using your imagination as if you are there.

& there are lots of resources about our faith on the interweb. Keep digging. Learn as much about the faith as you can.

Dig into the Saints. Learn how they lived their lives in imitation of Christ & contemplate how you can do the same. St Bernadette Soubirous, St Therese, & Mother Teresa are some of my favorites.

Perhaps you have a friend who is going to mass and you could get a ride with their family. Most people would gladly offer a ride.

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I use this:

This is the best way like visiting to a Church can give a more peace of mind. There is no substitution for it.

@CajunJoy65 just made a separate thread about this article, but it seems VERY relevant to your situation, so just so you don’t miss it:


I’ll take mine off.

Sorry if I stepped on your toes! I wasn’t sure how to handle this sort of thing, and it’s a great link! I also wanted to give credit where credit is due, which I why I mentioned you in my post :slight_smile:

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OH no problem what so ever. I just didn’t know there was another post like mine. Glad you put it here for the OP. It may help him a lot. God Bless.

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I like to watch the Sunday Catholic Mass produced each week by Heart of the Nation for people who can’t get to church. I often watch it even if I have already been to Sunday Mass at church. Their Sunday Mass runs only about a half hour and usually has good music and good homilies. If it is not available locally on television or radio, you can always watch or listen to it anytime online. They also offer a free, bi-monthly Prayer and Worship Guide that includes the Sunday Mass readings and Mass responses.

Great Idea.

Mass is Mass because it is conducted in a Church.
Unless you reside in a Church, I do not see how you can celebrate Mass at home.

You can’t. But you can unite yourself to the Mass being celebrated that day.

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