How to greet a Prioress when writing her at a convent?


I cannot find a definitive answer for this… could someone help please?

I’ve been asked to send a letter to a Prioress for someone in discernment.

I don’t know the proper greeting to use, in letter form e.g., “Dear Prioress.”

It seems obvious to use “Dear Prioress,” however, I have been in her company a few times, and she is always addressed as Mother Catherine by other nuns, lay people, and priests.

Yet, since I am writing a formal letter, I assume I need to address her more formally.

Should it be “Prioress,” or “Mother Prioress,” or “Prioress Mother Catherine”?

Or, some other form? :o

Thank you

I think “Reverend Mother” is the proper salutation.

Thank you, porthos!

Some communities do not use that title. In some communities the prioress is elected to a term. “Mother” would be a more permanent title.

If she is addressed as “Mother” in the monastery, the appropriate greeting would be Mother Prioress. Reverend Mother is reserved for more solemn, traditional monasteries such as the Carmels that follow the 1990 Constitutions. :slight_smile:

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