How to handle criticism?


My wife does something alot that makes me sad. If I do something that is necessary or very important, but is not a physically demanding chore, she screams that I am lazy, and using it as an excuse. She sometimes even breaks items, and makes threats. Examples include exercise, playing with my son, going to the store for food or medicine, and paying bills. I am not sure what to do when she acts like this. Any advice.


:console: I am so sorry to hear that…
It sounds like there might be something else behind this ( isn’t there usually…?) it seems like may you should try and find out what is REALLY bothering her…and maybe get a third party ( priest, counselor or both) to mediate so she can feel like she can talk instead of yell…Praying for you. :slight_smile:


She and Both go to counseling individually, and we both take at least one medicine. She may need inpatient, or even long term, care. But even if she agreed to it, we would have problems paying for it. Also she said that might mean the end of our marriage. God please help us.


Oh, that is a bit different…
I am sorry and praying for you…


You clearly do need some type of intervention. Your counselor should be able to provide you with local resources for dealing with an abusive and threatening situation. At the very least, if she is breaking things and making threats and preventing you from doing the things you need to do as a dad, I would call the police. Don't threaten her and tell her you are going to do it, just do it. They will come and sort it all out. Just because you are a man, does not mean that you should have to live with this. Her behavior is out of line and intervention by professionals is needed. You might also want to call your local law enforecment and see if they have any type of resources to deal with this or advice to give.


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