How to handle the door knockers

  1. Slam the door in thier face.
  2. Smile, nod and gently close the door.
  3. Listen for a very brief time, apologize that you must go, take tract, close door.
  4. Take time to listen, take tract, repeat prayer of salvation, and promise to visit the church the following Sunday.
  5. Sick the dog on them.
  6. Receive the Lord as Savior and tell them you have a church other than the one on the back of the tract.
  7. Pretend not to understand the language they are speaking.
  8. Answer the door totally nude except for a hideous African mask
  9. Start witnessing right back to them and out-witness them with your own tracts and Bible. If possible, offer them a free Rosary and Holy Water.

#9 is my personal favorite.

Invite them in, give them something to drink, and share :thumbsup:

  1. Tell them you will call your priest/pastor to come over and join the conversation.

RE: #9. For Lutherans, offer them a copy of Luther’s Small Catechism. :wink:



On my last encounter, I actually did the Small Catechism approach. They politely declined and left. And interestingly, they haven’t returned.

I will say this, In the times that I’ve encountered this - JW’s usually - they’ve been very polite, cordial, never pushy. While I don’t care for the door to door approach, I admire their sincerety and passion for their faith, wrong though it may be.


9 is what I do. Especially since I am the Lay Director of RCIA for our parish. I’ve always got a Bible or catechism handy.

I even evangelize them right down the driveway to their car. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with them. Some of those folks can really move. :smiley:

  1. Don’t answer the door.

I don’t for anyone who is selling anything. I listen to my mom who taught me to not answer the door when it isn’t someone I know. Every time I go against this advice, I end up regretting it.


There’s an episode of the Britcom Black Books in which Bernerd is so board he lets the door knockers in. When he asks them about what they are doing, they reply “We don’t know, we’ve never gotten this far before…”

Oh, this is so true. If I don’t know you, I’m not answering.

Yeah. If you’re bleeding or otherwise need emergency assistance, I’ll open the door. Otherwise, I can ignore you longer than you have the patience to stand on my doorstep. :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to open the door and discuss with him/her or them. Not anymore. These days I say:

I am Catholic…no thanks!

Not wasting time.

I think you should add #8 to your routine. :bluelite: No reason you can’t combine some of these…

One of the more amusing approaches I have seen is by a guy I used to work with who was a Maori and 6 foot 4 and all muscle. He got them constantly knocking on his door at silly o’clock times, such as 6 am on his days off. One morning he wrote 666 on his forehead and opened the door and shouted ‘I am the anti-Christ’. Given he also had tribal tattoos on his body (as per Maori custom) that were pretty distinct the result was rather predictable.

That works. Back in the day (before my conversion) I knew a post-operative, pagan witch, transsexual who would open the door in a bathrobe with wand in hand and flash them. Scared 'em silly.

How about this? Politely ask them to sit in your library (where you store all your Bible study resources) and excuse yourself for a few minutes. When you return, they should have read enough of the titles they may well decide their next best step is to politely excuse themselves and go on their way.

I think this reflects a pretty common view here, whether it be the titles in your library, the offer of the Small Catechism, etc. If one is strong in their faith, they are not a target for these folks. they know it, and move on.


I can’t see the sense of teaching my children not to approach strangers asking for say directions or help with their dog and at the same time inviting people I’ve never met before into my home. :shrug:

For Catholics, keep a stack of YOUCATs on hand to give out to everyone who comes to your door, including the salesmen, and including your kids’ friends. It is so straightforward, well-written, and easy to read that everyone will enjoy it. :slight_smile:

Some areas this would just be downright foolish. Though, I think it foolish to go around knocking on people’s doors for the same reason. We’re called to evangelize, this doesn’t require that we ignore basic safety that even preschoolers are taught.

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