How to have a meaningful life as a single person?


Does anyone have any ideas of what a single female can do with their life (not including Religious vocations) to make life meaningful?
It seems kind of pointless going to a job to earn money for myself then coming home to nothing.


Get involved with your community. Charity work, volunteering, and such are all worthwhile and satisfying.


I know what you feel Rose, doing a lot of things when being alone feels pointless, because you want to do things FOR someone. For example, when I have to make diner for myself, I don’t see any use to make the table, I just take the easy way, as most people would do that are alone, I would think.


Listen to this vice man / girls advice:)


Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Literacy Council, Catholic Charities…

Go empty yourself into a worthy cause and your life will be full to the brim.


Enable others to reach heaven.
We are all meant to be spiritually reproductive.
We can be fathers and mothers of children whom we generate spiritually.
Sanctity is reproductive; holiness is procreative.
We can become instruments of divine faith to everyone whose life we touch.
It’s higher than merely reproducing oneself physically.
Prayer is the one activity that will not be interrupted by death, but will continue in heaven.


I am a single female, now 55 years old. First, remember that all life is meaningful. Secondly, the only way any of us make good use of our life is by doing everything for the love of God. It does not matter if we are married, a religious or solitary.

One thing to consider as part of your life, is whether or not the work you are doing is something you do enjoy while at the same time providing you an avenue to serve others in a Godly fashion. You can work in any occupation to do this. It is how you do your job that will matter, how you treat customers, co-workers, the general community.

If you are miserable at work or dread going to the current job, think of something else to do. But don’t put how much you make, or potential for promotion at the top of the reasons you select your form of employment. And believe me, you could land up on the poorer end of the economic sector, but you could be happier. (I found early on that being in management or supervisory roles just didn’t seem worth the time lost to family, and serving the Church, let alone the money. I opted to stay in the trenches if you will.)

If you don’t do a lot of volunteering look into that option. There is a lot of need out there for a lot of work, and people do appreciate and benefit from the effort. You can help out at animal shelters, visit nursing homes, visit the sick at home as a Pastoral Minister etc. There is always some way to lend a hand and add an aspect of service to others in your life.

Living modestly, being honest and kind, sticking to strong Christian morals, are all part of a “meaningful life.” The circumstances of our lives may be something we can do little about, we may have jobs we hate for a time, be ill, have to move, land up in huge dept, but how we handle these circumstances will determine how well our life matches that which Christ would want. This is how we find our “meaningfulness.”


Think about the needs that exist for every adult human: relationship, procreation, vocation, charity, and faith. (There could be more, of course!) How can you fulfill these needs within the single vocation?

Relationship: Develop significant friendships, improve your relationship with your family members, develop a real support system that can sustain you, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Procreation: We all have a need to create. Garden, paint, sew, crochet, create beautiful music, etc. (This can easily be combined with Charity- work/volunteer with children, play the piano at nursing homes for the residents to enjoy, crochet caps to donate to premature infants at your local hospital, work for pro-life, etc.)

Vocation: Pursue excellence in your career. Make sure your career brings you satisfaction and a sense of contribution. Go to school to get your degree or an advanced degree. Fine tune your relationships with your coworkers. Set some goals.

Charity: Volunteer, donate, participate. (This is another way to develop good relationships with quality people.)

Faith: Take some scripture classes at your parish. Join your parish woman’s group. Improve your prayer life. Etc.

I hope this helps. I am impressed that you have asked this question. I know several singles who have very full lives and I know you can too!



Pray for the salvation of souls. Start a Rosary group. Offer your prayers and sacrifices for souls. Make the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary. Join a third order or pious union. Become an EMHC and or lector. Go to adoration.


That’s why I’m a teacher… I’m single, and always will be alone, and so I make my work the purpose of my life. I work, plan, mark, sleep, and repeat. Try and do some good in your work, to help others, that’s how I’ve found meaning.


Hi Blue Rose,
Someone suggested I consider this when I was single, and it was helpful: what aspects of being married do you find attract you to that state? For example, if you think companionship, then find a way to provide companionship for others, if it’s raising children, maybe look to volunteer or work with children, etc. Does that make sense?

You kind of need to find out what God wants for *you, *and a big part of that would be to see what your inclinations are.

Also, you can do little things. When you make dinner, don’t make it just for yourself–there may be others who could use a meal and if you fix double, you could give them one. Invite people who may be lonely to join you for dinner or offer to take a meal to them and eat with them. Or if there is a family, cook up a big batch of something like chile from time to time and take a bunch over for them.

Contact the Legion of Mary–apart from the regular work they do, groups will go to other countries for a week or so and help poor people. Some employers will even let people have extra time off for this type of trip.

There are so many things which need to be done in the world that I am sure you will be able to find something to suit you perfectly.


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I was thinking of animal shelters and visiting nursing homes. I have done both. Some shelters have volunteers who take small or young animals to nursing homes and group homes. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hey Rose! I have been searching for meaning in my life for a while and came across this podcast

Father Riccardo advises on the importance of developing a relationship with the Lord. These podcasts are great and listening gives me great comfort and peace. Hope this helps!


Hello Rose. Considering first of all that all life is meaningful, it looks that you’re having a difficulty in seeing your life as meaningful. So I think the first question that you’d have to ask is why that is. Then you’d have to ask yourself what it is that you can do to make your life seem more meaningful, make some prayerful conclusions about it, and put it into effect.

I can’t make any more concrete assertions because I don’t know you. But one thing I can say for sure is that you’d do best to stop seeing yourself as “a single person.” Why are you seeing yourself for what you are not rather than for what you are? Focus instead on what is given you, rather than what isn’t, give thanks for it daily, and you’ll find soon thereafter that your life will seem happier and more meaningful.

God bless.


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