How to help a friend deal with anger issues?

I have been talking to a friend im in tenth grade he is in 9th and a lot of kids pick on him and everything he’s been raised lutheran but he had degenerated into a sort of atheist. Ive been talkin with him a lot and going to lunch with him and he’s been real acepting to Christianity and Catholicism and now he can say he’s a Christian. He’s been doing good but i see that he keeps having a problem with everyone teasing him and he tells me " i just have so much anger" “or im so fustrated” and i scared he might relapse. I tell him well you just have to Trust Jesus and i tell him he needs to kind of turn the cheek and let God’s Will be done. But he’s having a hard time with this is their another more physical way for him to also deal with his anger untill he learns how to give all to Christ

i told him to get a punching bag or something but doesnt have money for one :shrug:

pray for him and continue to be an example to him. Show him lot’s of love so that he may never want to get angry:)

Try the rosary :smiley:

Teach him to pray the rosary and tell him to pray for God to give him the power to overcome anger. :slight_smile:

Some good advice already. The problem with teasing is that there really isn’t a whole lot that can be done about it. Pretty much any reaction (short of beating somebody up) only makes it worse. So the best thing would be to try to learn to ignore it. This takes time and practice and the hurt will still be a factor, but at least the tormentors will not gain any satisfaction.

Prayer is good. Something like a punching bag would also be good. Anything that can help to release that energy. Since you say he cannot afford a punching bag, how about running. Running uses a lot of muscles, gets the heart rate up and can release a lot of that pent up frustration. He might even consider going out for the track team if you have one. If he isn’t especially fast, consider cross country where the emphasis is more on pace than on speed.

Keep eating with him, keep praying with and for him and good luck.

Oh yea - and Praise God for your witness.


Taking Karate lessons did wonders for me when I was in that situation.

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