How to help a friend return to God?


I have a friend who is a "cradle catholic", but does not go to church very often, and lately has been having many problems in her life and tuned to me for advice.

So when I mentioned to her about God, praying to him and going to church, she said that she is "mad at God", because He took her dad this past February. Her dad became very ill, and se prayed a lot for him to get his health back, but when he died, she felt as if God did not listened to her prayers, and she got very upset and blamed God for everything, and she has not gone back to church, nor spoken with God since then.

What do I say to her?
I know that everything happens for a reason, and that God allows this things only to bring a greater good out of them, but how do I make her see that, after what happened with her dad?


Instead begin mad at God who is all good, she should REJOICE that God took her father. Isn’t it comforting to know that he saw the face of Almighty God? I mean I wish I was in his position.
I recommend that you show her this video–>
It always helped me when I was in times of darkness.
She may not be completely open to it, but I firmly assure you, a little light will be ignited withing that darkest part of her heart.

For the Catholic Church, you can show her these videos–>

And This video in particular consists of a marvelous Eucharistic miracle that happened in Argentina.

I’m sorry if I can’t be any much help to you. I will keep you both in my evening prayers.


What would her father want her to do?

I believe that some sadness is reasonable: she will not see her father again in this life.

However, I believe that the lost relative is at peace with God in heaven, or will be soon depending on how long purgatory lasts.

Instead of mourning his death, she should be celebrating his life so his memory can live on.


Death is the doorway to Heaven, if we have lived for God. Therefore death is not something to be angry about but to prepare for. Why be angry that God has prepared something better for us than this life? Isn't Heaven something to be glad about, rather than angry?

Death is like birth, an unpleasant and possibly frightening transition into a new and brighter form of existence. God will take everyone into His company for eternity if they desire His company, come to Him and choose Him. Only if they refuse to unite with Him will they fail to live in Him forever. We should all seek God, and then we will experience true peace and fulfillment, even in suffering, first in this life and afterward in the life to come.


I would suggest that you provide some comfort to your friends in the small ways that you can and in ways she will receive. Tell her you're sorry for her loss, and that missing her father must be painful. In other words, acknowledge her grief. Being angry with God is normally part of the grieving process, so don't criticize her for that. Encourage her to talk about her favorite memories of her father. Allow silence, if she needs it. Tell her to pray for her father, that his stay in purgatory will be quick and that he will be welcomed into the arms of the angels and saints in heaven (and really DO pray for him, and for your friend).


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