How to honor your wife


Due to some personal issues I have parental blocks installed on my computer. However, these blocks are preventing me from Googling the title of this thread, blocking ‘some’ of the content by blocking it all. This is an important issue for me, and I would appreciate if anyone could do this Google search and reply with a few appropriate Catholic links. I have no idea what the objectionable content would be, but I very much need to do this to help preserve my marriage.

My heartfelt thanks to anyone who can assist me in this.


This might be what your looking for- Familiaris Consortio (in english) by JPII


I see you have another reply, but I’d like to suggest an alternative. It sounds like you have a poor system for your internet filtering.

I have used the service from OpenDNS. It does its filtering at the DNS level instead of on your local computers. I use the free version. Found it to be the most reliable in both blocking and eliminating false positives.


I’m fine for the moment with what I have; I’m just running into the occasional inconvenience.

Anyway, while I do appreciate the first response (nothing wrong with JPII), I’m looking for something with a more practical application.


Hope these help, I found nothing specifically Catholic, these are Christian I believe. The Catholic sites are all quotes from the 10 commandments.

Top 10 list of ways to honor your wife:

Always honor your wife before the children:

A Christian Husband

Love and honor your wife

Have you seen the movie Fireproof? It’s Protestant, but offers some good ideas for a happy marriage.


These are great, thank you!

As for Fireproof, we've seen it more than once. I like Facing the Giants as well; I've seen Flywheel once. Great movies, even if they come from a Baptist church. :)

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