How to I explain that Novenas do not always "work"?

My daughter discovered Novenas at college. She is under the impression that if she says the Novena, goes to confession and receives Communion and prays for the pope, her intention will be answered in the way she wants. I am having a hard time explaining to her that this is not how it works. So far it has “worked” every time for her.
Also, it is wrong to pray a novena in this way? I was thinking it is but then I thought maybe no prayer is wrong.

No prayer is really wrong, but prayer is not a transaction between us and God. Jesus taught us that God is Father, not the guy from Let’s Make A Deal. Just kidding, but I think its an important thing for us to remember. Prayer is about our relationship with God, not getting something. Its perfectly fine to express to God what we want but equally important is being open to however God chooses to respond to our prayer.

Novenas are an in depth prayer, meditation, and reflection regarding a particular intention. We implore our Heavenly Father for either the granting of our request or the grace to accept and embrace an alternate answer from Him. It is, in essence, a repeat of Jesus’ prayer in Gethsemane: “Father if you are willing (insert intention here), but not my will but yours be done.”

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