How to incorporate more prayer into busy daily life

I don’t always have the ability to sit and pray, but do have an intense desire to start praying more. Any recommendations on how to incorporate more prayer into a busy daily life?

When you wake up, say a quick prayer - Thank you God for this day.

When you wash your face, say a quick prayer - God, wash away my sins.

When you are driving - God, protect me today.

When you see an accident - God, help them.

When it’s 3:00 in the afternoon - God have mercy on us.

While you’re cooking dinner - reflect on your day and thank God for each and everything that happened.

Instead of watching TV, spend some time in a quiet place talking or listening to God.

Read the Bible (that’s praying) or a book by one of the saints, especially the mystics.

When you see something beautiful - Thank you God!

If you think about praying, you will pray more. It doesn’t have to be long. Wake up 15 minutes earlier each day just to pray. Read a scripture passage and reflect on it.

What a great response, orchanian. Very good tips there.

Kay, I try to keep sacramentals or little artifacts physically around me most of my day, especially in my car, to remind me of prayer. If you’re busy, chances are you’re in the car alot, and if you’re like me, you reflect alot on things while going through the mundane motion of driving. This is a perfect environment for prayer, even out loud (which is what I do)…I just talk to our Lord as if He’s sitting shotgun…Mary and the saints too, asking them for intercessions. Really connecting with (and visualizing) the reality that God and the saints, while invisible to me, are actually able to observe me, and God especially is able to be completely immersed within my entire being, gives me motivation to talk to Him more. Just start off talking to them as if you would any friend who’s there to listen to you, your concerns. Make sure you pray for the entire body of Christ, not just your own needs…that helps you align your spirit with God’s will for all humanity, and reminds you that God answers all prayer, but frequently not in the way you asked, and sometimes in ways you’ll never realize while on earth.

Anyway, you’ll surely get great advice on this thread…I’m anxious to read it as the days go by. Orchanian referred to this, but I wanted to emphasize the simplicity and power of just saying “thank you” for the routine gifts in your day, like a snack, or drink of water, or comfort, or laughter. Say thanks and make the sign of the cross…reflect on it.

God Bless

Get a rosary ring or bracelet and pray whenever you’re stuck in line waiting.

Get a prayer CD and listen to it in the car, praying along with it.

Heyy I did that!

Not with the Rosary ring (though I own both rings and bracelets), but just repeating simple prayers like ‘Jesus, Mary, I love you, save souls!’ or ‘For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.’

Better than grumbling to yourself about long checkout lines. :smiley:

Make an appointment and put it into your calendar.
One pastor had a daily 10am appointment with FSHG (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost).
All of us struggle with time, whether it be exercise, prayer, or just making time for ourselves.
If you decide you want to pray the LOTH, nothing says you need pray every hour. The recommendation is to start with Lauds and Vespers. You might simply choose one. The times these are prayed are 6am and 6pm respectfully, but when I skip I remind myself that it is 6:00 somewhere. The Angelus is also traditionally prayed at 6am, noon, and 6am.
The Divine Mercy is at 3:00. Many people set aside an hour of prayer at 3pm, the hour commemorating the Lord’s death on the cross.
Louis deMontfort recommends praying the Stella Maris daily. This can be the Marian antiphon for night prayers (from the LOTH).
Traditionally many families prayed the rosary after supper. I personally like praying this prayer earlier in the day.
In as little as 15 minutes a day, at the rate of 3 chapters a day plus 5 on Sundays, you can read the Bible from cover to cover in one year.

Now before you ask where do I begin, think about physical exercise. If you start all gung-ho you will probably burn out quickly and quit. On the other hand, if you slowly add exercises and intensity until it becomes a natural part of your life that you would not think about living without it, you are more likely to stick to the discipline. Build your prayer life in the same way. Start small and allow it to grow. The Holy Spirit will guide and lead you along the way.

Relax. Every time you lift your heart and mind to God you are praying. You can turn every action of your day into a form of prayer. I can moan and groan about the housework I need to do, or I can offer it to God as a prayer. Think about how much quicker washing dishes becomes when it is done in conversation with a family member rather than in isolation. Prayer is conversation. Since God is always with us, we can talk to him any time, day or night. Nothing says our prayer needs to be formal.
This last statement takes nothing from the Mass. Each of us needs this communal celebration. Some of us are blessed with the opportunity to attend daily. It is our Sunday priority.

Praying for others has the ability to pull us out of self-pity as we turn our focus outward.
One of my best Thanksgivings was when I helped with the community feed. Much better than staying home alone and feeling sorry for myself.

Amen to that.

When driving and you stop at a red light pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.

I pass in front of a Catholic Church on my way to and from work at one of my stores, I pray the St. Gertrude prayer for the Holy Souls and the Jesus Prayer.

Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy in your car.

Pray a decade of the Rosary in your car.

Memorize prayers and pray them while taking a shower or bath.

Hope this helps. God Bless.

Prayer does not require reciting specific prayers. Just put yourself in the presence of God and talk to Him and then listen. I pray best in the shower and when washing dishes, that is at least a 1/2 hour of prayer just between those two things. I just listen to what God wants to tell me. Do you exercise? 20 minutes on the treadmill or walking or bike riding is another opportunity for prayer. If you limit yourself to praying rote prayers then you are missing out. Prayer is a two way conversation and if you are doing all the talking then you are not giving God the opportunity to speak.

Even as we pray, we don’t want to overlook personal safety. I mention this because of the recommendations to pray while driving. I have been in several accidents. I have no vehicle because my own was demolished on a Sunday on the way to my daughter’s after Mass.

I do pray while walking. I have stopped in the middle of a rosary, given directions and continued on my way.The morning bus leaves the depot at 6am providing enough time for Lauds before reaching my stop. Shorter Christian Prayer fits in my backpack. The Office of Readings is prayed before leaving the house in the morning. I have prayed the Divine Mercy while waiting at the bus stop in the afternoon or the Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary while walking to the stop in the morning. The Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the prayer that The Monfort Fathers and the Daughters of Wisdom use as their morning prayer.

Sometimes I simply sing while walking. While my song may be in tongues, even a person without this particular charism can sing or pray as the Spirit leads. When I worked in a factory, the song “Hear Oh, Lord, the Sound of my Call” was a constant refrain through my mind. That changed to “I Rejoiced When They Said Let Us Go to the House of the Lord.” Since the Beatles’ “Let It Be” was a favorite of my mother-in-law, when that song enters my mind, I lift her needs in prayer.

When I still had a vehicle, I kept a copy of Shorter Christian Prayer in my glove compartment. It was available if I arrived someplace other than home in time for Vespers.

All very good points. Prayer needs to be conversation, not simply the rote repetition of memorized prayer. When Martha complained about Mary “wasting time” at the feet of Jesus, He replied “She has chosen the better part.” We can be brutally honest with God as we talk about our worries and concerns and what we are feeling. Of course, God wins every argument. When we are open to His voice, we just might be surprised when it comes to how He would have us respond to a given situation. The answer may come in a sudden insight as to what to do, an answer we would never have considered had we not taken the time to listen. “Eureka!”

I feel this way too. This thread has some good suggestions, I think I should try them.
Reading this thread, I suddenly remember what a priest told my class once in high school on a retreat; thanks for making the thread! :smiley: He said that God is always with us and loves us. If you have a friend who is with you the whole day, wouldn’t you spend quite a bit of time talking to them? If they talked to you, wouldn’t you respond? We wouldn’t ignore them for most of the day. God is always there to listen, so we can always have conversation with God. There’s so many ways He reveals His love all the time if we listen and respond. :slight_smile:

My dear friend

most people think they have little spare time but in reality they have tons of spare time, especially if they get organised. I know people with 8 kids who get to daily mass and pack tons of prayer into their day. I know people with one kid who think their too busy to do anything, but they aren’t. it’s usually just a question of getting organised.
You may be the very rare exception?
You can pray by doing Gods will constantly. This can enable you to pray 24/7 if you do it well. Do everything for God and out of a motive of love of God.
Being aware of Gods presence is a way to pray a lot.
Make aspirations throughout the day too.
If you can, talk to our Blessed lord or your Blessed Mother etc throughout the day.

I hope these pointers on how to pray continually are helpful.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:

*What great ideas everyone has posted!

Just to add to one thought … a few people mentioned a rosary cd .

I found a cd that had the rosary and the divine mercy chaplet on it. Since I travel 25 min to work each way I find that I can pray/listen to the rosary on the way to work and on the way home pray/listen to the divine mercy chaplet.

I just love how all of our friends on the forums pop on with so many helpful suggestions.

I do agree with what one poster said… start with a small commitment then build on that.

Blessings of Peace and All Good!*

If you work at a desk, maybe you can use your scheduling software to set up recurring reminders to send you messages a couple of times a day to take a little break–that’ll give you the opportunity to say a quick prayer.

I used this feature of Outlook to remind me to stand up and stretch, or go for a little walk–otherwise I’d be glued to my desk, staring at a computer (kind of like what I’m doing now).

At work why not draft your favourite prayer on Word and save it to your Desktop and when you need to refer to it, just bring it up

Make one of the following sites your homepage on your web-browser:

The Liturgy of the Hours online:

The Office of Readings:
Universalis: Office of Readings

A popular prayer site from the Jesuits in Ireland, takes only 10 minutes:
Sacred Space

From Creighton University:
An Online Retreat

From the U.S. Bishops, the day’s readings from Mass:
Today’s Readings

Make one or more of these your homepage or homepages. That way, every time you log online you’ll give yourself on opportunity to pray.

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