How to increase my devotion to my patron saint?

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I am currenty in the RCIA program and will be receiving the sacraments of confirmation and the holy eucharist this coming easter. I have been praying to many saints, some reaponded others didnt, the one that did was Pope Saint Pius X. It seems that he has chosen me an wants to be my patron. How can i honour him more in my daily life? Is it an acceptable practice to write my own prayers to him? If you are not named after a saint, or dont have a patron, can you choose one at any time?

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My patron saint is St. Teresa of Avila. I haven’t done anything to be closer to her. I had to choose a confirmation name when I was in RCIA in 1986, and I always liked her.

You could ask your patron saint to pray for you, just like you would ask a friend to pray. I don’t know if there are any novenas to him. You could honor his feast day, perhaps by going to daily Mass on that day.

Hi, my patron saint is also St. Teresa of Avila, i feel like she picked me!! :slight_smile: to get closer to her i read her writings(im sure your saint-considering he was pope may have some writings) and you can definetly make your own prayers to him, even a novena!! Im also entering the church this easter vigil!

Thanks to both of you for your replies! :slight_smile: MaeganFlinchum1, I know what mean by being chosen by your patron! Would it also be a good idea to place his image in my room, so i can pray in front of it?

How can i honour him more in my daily life?

Saint are very humble and love God more then themselves.

I think by giving thanks to him for praying for you, is a great move but you most likely you will honor him by prayer for the Holy Father, the priest and seeking to do God’s will as it is revealing to you.

Both my wife and I are entering the Church this Easter (4 sacraments, each following the next), and I’m so excited, I’m counting the seconds!

I’ve had questions very similar to yours (and others - like can I pick multiple saints?), and have found this forum to be a wealth of information.

It seems as if our Church is growing – and quickly. We live in a diocese that has a very low population density, and for our Rite of Sending, we filled the cathedral. I’ve heard that in some major cities (and in some not-so-major cities), they filled the cathedral multiple times (so they repeated the Rite multiple times).

I’m curious as to why this great news is never heard (vice the not-so-great news that gets lots of press)…

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I found that it helps to make a novena by honoring the virtues that the saint practiced the most during his life. For example, I say a Hail Mary thanking God for making grow the virtue of gentleness in St Francis of Sales. This manner gives me a lot of peace and makes me get closer to that particular saint.

The Holy Spirit and St. Dymphna chose her for me.

Many years ago, I got a medal with a relic <?> in it and wear it often. I like to wear it to Mass especially. I think of it as taking one of my best friends with me (like when I hold the Rosary at times, is like holding Mother’s hand).

This year, I made a special effort to honor her and attend Mass on her Feast Day. I often ask her for her prayers and help.

So good of you to think of her!


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