How to increase ones faith(kinda long, but please bear with me)

about 8 months ago, i started the 54day novena because there was a particular goal i wanted to achieve in my life.A week after I started the novena, i had a dream, where a woman comforted me and told me “I was going to achieve what i was looking for soon” I woke up that morning and felt a strong feeling of peace in my heart. I knew my prayers had been answered. I waited, and waited.54 days passed, and still i had not achieved it.

I got worried, and started doubting. I felt the thing i wanted to achieve was slipping away from me because the matter gotten worst, rellyyy worst. I woke up one morning, to read my bible, and i came upon Jeremiah 32. I read that chapter and felt God was speaking to me. I felt more confident after reading Jeremiah 32, and remained patient even though the physical signs wasnt looking too good for me.

I waited, and waited, and waited.Nothing good happened. Things got worse. i started doubting again even after reading a passage in the bible where God said to jeremiah after he was doubting God"I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?"

I became very confused. On one hand i was getting a strong feeling to be patient about my goal,but on the other hand the signs were not good. So I prayed and told God I was sick and tired of waiting. I asked to God to show me the right way: Should I wait and be patient? or should i quit and move on? The next day i went to my summer school,came back, and for the 1st time EVER(my mum never takes out the garbage,EVER), my mum had put out the garbage can to be taken out the following morning, but normally we put the garbage can on the left side of our driveway, but she put it on the right side. I was gonna drag the garbage garbage can to the other side, but i was too tired, and i figured I’d do it in the morning.

The following morning as i stood to pull the garbage a car was parked right in front of the garbage can. It had a bumper stick which said “PATIENCE PAYS” I couldnt believe it, i walked towards the car just to make sure my eyes indeed were right. and the bumper sticker said “PATIENCE PAYS” I knew for a fact that was God speaking to me. so i chose to wait some more. Since then things have gotten alot better, and the signs are pointing in my favor.

My question: I tend to doubt alot, am not sure if thats normal or not, but is there a way to strenghten ones faith?

Remember, novenas and other prayers are requests - they are not magic ways to get what you want from God.

God answers every prayer. There are three possible answers:




Seems your answer has been to wait, so, wait. Be confident that God knows what you need and when you need it.

I’ll keep you in my prayers that your faith will grow and that you will always remains faithful to God’s grace.

Also remember to “pray like it all depends on God, and work like it all depends on you.” Are you showing, by working, that you want this goal to be achieved? Sometimes, God waits to see whether we are really serious about our goal, before He answers our prayers.

For example, say I have a goal to lose some weight or to build up some muscle. (Who doesn’t, these days?) I can pray about it, but I also have to take some steps of my own - get on a nutrition plan, get on an exercise plan, and do my nutrition plan and my exercise plan, as well as praying about it. I am much more likely to reach my goal if I use both prayer and work.

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