How to interpret Matthew 25:35-45?


Is it to be taken literally? What if I don’t find anyone naked or thirsty? :confused:


Well with the Arctic Vortex plenty of people might as well be naked. I always saw naked as “people in general need of clothing.” And there are plenty of thirsty folks in Africa.


Christ Himself gives us the key to interpret this text when He says “**whatever you did **for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

It’s not that we have to do those specific things, whatever we do to the least of our brothers, we do to HIM. If interested you can read more HERE:



that is interesting, I never noticed that:thumbsup:


well, certainly you are living in a very good place then, i all the time see people hungry or thirtsy, not always of food, but of many other stuff.


It isn’t a literal thing, it is about helping those in need.


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