How to interpret the scriptures?

Jesus is the word of God become flesh (John 1:14). In other words, in Jesus the scriptures became a reality. Therefore, to find the true meanings of the scriptures and have eternal life we must do what Jesus did (John 5:39).
Jesus preached the good news to the poor, healed the sick and brokenhearted and sacrificed his life so that those who betrayed him and were unfaithful to him may have eternal life (Luke 4:18 & Isaiah 61:1). He bore our affliction and oppression silently (Isaiah 53: 5 &7); healed and forgave sinners; and befriended Judas, although he knew that Juda would betray him. Furthermore, during his suffering and death he forgave his persecutors (Luke 23:34); was concerned about the suffering they would bring upon themselves by their sins rather than his own suffering (Luke 23:28). Through his chastisement he freed us from sin and put his spirit into our heart. We must, therefore, love one another as he has loved us (John 13:34-35); quietly bear each other’s burdens, forgive without any limit (Matt. 18:22); stay faithful to our marriage vows, even when there is betrayal and unfaithfulness; bind each other’s wounds; be a servant to others (John 13:14); and never condemn or give up on another human being.

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One of the best ways to learn is to go to those who are wiser and more well read. Get plugged in to some Biblical teaching. I recommend getting ‘The God Who Justifies’ and ‘The Forgotten Trinity’ by James White. Those two books have had a positive impact on my soul.

NOT! James White? A man filled as much with hate as with love?

No thank you!!!

p.s. if you somehow managed to derive some benefit from his, um, writings, good on you.



Prayerfully Read Sacred Scriptures - especially the NT - especially the GOSPEL

The Catechism of The Catholic Church -
God’s Holy Spirit

Always understand regional and the histórical context
If in dóudt about something consult the greek (hewbrew and aramaic for the old testament)

So one migth understand the lingüístical context
That in mine experiencie clears up most pasages

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