How to Judge Righteously and Better Love Others

Well yeah i been thinking about things in the past because since i was child i consantly judged till today labeling so on but now i learned that this isnt good for my christian life

because since i repented something is like giving me a tough on such matter but not shure if that s a prayer but ok lets go to my point

Which is about judging and labeling we know this is bad because catechism itself says we shouldnt use rash judgment but that include judging as judging but in gossip and slander to!

that s interesting actualyl when i learned so to build up more in faith i ask you kindly could you help me or give me an good advice or maybe article which whould be great for practice so i can learn more

to judge more righetously
so judgemnt vs rightously judgment do you have example i could understand eny example i whould aprishiate?

and last thing to explain

Have enyone of you to think about such matter as i did to so you to can build up in faith from previus ways of judging to become more in grace when i ask this what do you think

how can i pray for grace for more love for others to answer more with love i do this but not right way and i pray to but maybe not the right way

before commenting remember the rule from bible and church teaching catechism about rash judgment etc

May I give you a suggestion? Use punctuation, correct sentence structure, and a spell check. Your post will then be easier to read and more likely to get answers.


Sit in Adoration and ask God to show you how to love your neighbour and what it means to love your neighbour.

I pray that the God of all creation showers you with His infinite mercies and allows you to be enlightened on the answer you seek

Sorry for late reply
what means adoration
plus could you please show example where i wrote the diffrence between judgment and rightous judgment?

also my title was changed withoud my authroity

Thanks gospelofmatthew sorry for late reply

also what do you think that instead praying show me some little example what i asked to understand things better whould that be ok with you?

because once i readed article about where we say we pray but actually instead that best idea is to help a person in person if you get me?

sebo3e, are you Catholic? Have you ever been to Adoration of the Eucharist? The Eucharist is found in the Tabernacle at Catholic Churches. There you can sit with Jesus in Adoration when the Eucharist is not exposed. There are times each Church allows visible Adoration of the Eucharist when reposed in a Monstrance.

I have no idea about the why or who of changing your title. Perhaps ask the moderators? They can sort it out for you :slight_smile:

Do you mean anger and righteous anger?

God is the only one who can judge. We are taught not to judge anyone. Unless you are talking about those who judge law breakers.

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I think judging is bad in any situation

Judging is something that sometimes just happens without even thinking about it,but we’ve got to recognise it and remember every one has a soul,Jesus died for us equally .
Sometimes we have to try and sum a person up when it’s a survival thing,or they might be a toxic person for us to be around…but you can still recognise they belong to God too,keep some distance and pray for them.

‘TURN your attention upon yourself and beware of judging the deeds of other men, for in judging
others a man labors vainly, often makes mistakes, and easily sins; whereas, in judging and taking
stock of himself he does something that is always profitable.’ - The Imitation of Christ

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Very true and yeah that s great idea yet you see there s some kind of problem i have trouble with thinking and talking because of my disablity basically i feel like a stone like you see its so hard to bring words which builds

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That s good observation that s actually i looked for for some time by reading articles

but what i actually asked

what is diffrence between being judgmental and being righteous
for example i learned that we should not judge person but action

what means judging actions? what words to avoid that just you this you that is there something else we should throw out from our speech?

I am sorry but i learned from our catholic teaching that we have to righteusly judge actions what s confusing for me to understand

i learned the teaching we should correct someone with love to so
lets say if you see bashing our faith or using bad mouth about god arent we to say that it bother us of course pray before situation see how much is true

catechism say to look for whole truth before everything
so on well nobody s perfect yet we indeed need to wake up

Yes we should judge actions, not the person performing them.

It is a good action when the homeless are housed.
It is a good action when the hungry are fed.

It is a bad action when something is stolen
It is a bad action when someone lies.

It is very hard to have someone listen to you when you correct them.
The first thing to do is to learn to listen. And establish a friendship based on honesty and trust. Then a person might listen when you say, ‘hey don’t steal that’

I don’t get into arguments with people bashing the Catholic faith or bad mouthing God. I say begone satan and walk away.
This is what Jesus did.

Is this video what you meant?

Its in Croatian

later on end video explains how giving a like wont help a person
comment wont make person better but actually their action and i started to think a bit about it

does this mean if we see such things we must act imdentily and tell them we care give money?

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