How to Keep and Spread the Joy I'm Losing


After leaving a religious order (I was a postulant for about four months), I recently just moved back to my home town and in with two of my family members. I absolutely love being with them and being able to communicate with me so much more than when I was in a convent, but I’m noticing one thing that reallllly worries me…

While I was in the convent, every sister was joyful, and of course this spread and I was extremely joyful as well. People commented on how uplifting our joy was all the time. However, when I moved back home, I kept my joy for awhile, but being back with my family makes me a little more selfish or negative. It’s hard to explain…I don’t think my family is grumpy…they’re just not joyful, and instead of my lifting them up, I feel like they’re bringing me down.

Does anyone have any tips for spreading the joy of Christ I know that I feel in my heart but that sometimes gets a little buried under the less-than-joyful-emotions of my family in general?


Constant prayers of thanksgiving, daily Mass, frequent confession. Presume other people are happy, but just too busy to show it.

Did you learn to pray the Divine Office while there? If so, I hope you keep that up.


I think I can understand what you are going through. Do you feel like the energy is just getting drained out of you? I sometimes feel that way when I walk in the door after work and my family lays all their problems of the day at my feet. I find it is helpfull to get prayer and meditation. I also found a bible study in my parrish to be helpful. There is a lot of possitive energy there!



Yep! Good suggestions! :slight_smile:


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