How to know if I were gay


I personally don’t buy the “born this way” narrative.


Do you think you could be “turned gay”? Because for real, that’s not a thing. You can’t force a sexuality.


It was in many and you know well it was not even remotely close to acceptable, you provided your own example. If there wasn’t such a bias, was AIDS considered a “gay” disease and as such received very little early funding for research?


Suggestion from society and hormonal imbalance caused by the loads of chemicals around us can be pretty powerful…

Then again, I’m undecided on the whole nature/nurture/other thing in regards to homosexuality


Although it may have been technically illegal, Pittsburgh had its first gay rights parade in 1973 and there were adults who were quite open in their practices. 150 homosexuals participated in the first parade that year, compared to many thousands nowadays. Shows how popular homosexuality has become here, particularly among the youth.

That wasn’t the case when I was a kid.


Somehow I still suspect that many teenagers didn’t out themselves as participating in illegal activities that were/are also often condemned by other teens. When you were a kid people were literally put in jail for being gay. Of course it was less prevalent.


I have literally tried to acquire a sexuality other than my own (asexual). Society has suggested to me quite a bit that my sexuality doesn’t exist, is a malady, or is simply wrong. It is not a thing I personally want. If sexuality could be changed via peer pressure or the like it would have changed by now.


Do you think that is because society hates gay people, or because the person themselves feels that there is a problem with these feelings and may not want them?


No offense meant.

there are some interesting hypotheses concerning plastics and all…

But, again


No offence taken. :slight_smile: It’s a tough issue and sexuality is a spectrum that, for some, will change through our lifetime. Hormones and the like are powerful things. But I doubt anyone’s sexuality could be at the whim of nurture, at best I think such might inform how their sexuality acts out; a bisexual person may suppress their attraction to members of the same sex, may not even notice such if it was only mild to begin with.


It is foolish to rely on anecdotal evidence to bolster one’s position in a matter of such gravity. The statistics on teen suicide clearly show a considerable proportion of SSA-persons amongst the unfortunate victims. I myself, as a teenager with SSA, attempted suicide on more than one occasion. It is invidious to hear one’s deepest emotional trauma flippantly disregarded as if it didn’t exist, or were simply another plank in the ‘agenda’ of some wild-eyed, radical segment of the populace. Please consider carefully before making a second remark of this sort.


Not at the age I’m at now.

Children are a different story, I think environment and upbringing plays a huge role in the realm of sexuality.


If you are giving into disordered desires or committing homosexual acts then in my opinion one can be considered gay or homosexual and this person needs to repent.

You are not gay if you are tempted or have a thought of being with someone of the same sex for we all have these temptations at some point in our lives because of original sin, and we must immediately reject them for God doesnt will disordered desires in themselves.

The world we live in is making a big deal out of this so that they can push the homosexual agenda, so dont be fooled by the many who promote gay pride, promote same sex inclination as coming from God, or promote homosexual acts.


If that were the case I suspect I’d know far fewer homosexual folk who were thrown out of their homes for being gay. I also doubt I’d be asexual. And that the five children I know being raised by same sex couples probably wouldn’t be straight.


Do you have a physical attraction to the same sex? Do you long to be with someone of the same sex? Can you see yourself spending the rest of your life with someone of the same sex?

If you answer yes to all three, you are gay.


I believe this, certainly.

In my school we had no homosexual students and no suicides either. I think the so-called adults to quit pushing kids to get involved in homosexuality has a lot of adverse effects beyond just the facts.

There is a short film, its on youtube, made back when I was a kid "Boys Beware"by Sid Davis, advising kids of the dangers of homosexuality.


*that you know of


I think this is not the best way to identify this person. Just because someone has a temptation or fighting against a disordered inclination does not identify the false sexuality of a person. God wants us all to be chaste and be the man or woman he wants us to be, not identified by disordered inclinations.


Sexual attraction to someone of the same sex does make you homosexual/gay. I know this community likes to use other words for it, but those are appropriate.


I’ve only known 5 gay people in my life. 3 of them had been sexually abused as children, and I’ve seen studies linking childhood sexual abuse and adult homosexuality. That’s what I refer to when I speak of the environment having an effect

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