How to know if I were gay


That’s fair. I just personally don’t think that study could remove the relevant variables. Child abuse and sexuality are two immensely broad topics and conflating the two is open to far too many errors.


I don’t know. I don’t think so, I resisted a lot of things which were “cool” when I was a kid, like glue sniffing. I know in my own youth, homosexuality wasn’t held in the high regard it is today. And few guys went for it either.

You show programs like Will and Grace which make it seem like the thing to do, and a lot of kids will take it up.

When I was a child, there were cigarette ads on TV all of the time, everyone on TV smoked, and you could do it almost everywhere except for church. And it was a lot more popular as a result. This is very similar. Make something look cool and sophisticated, and weak minds and especially young people will think its a great idea.


Let me help. No amount of a sexuality seeming “cool” will make you gay, or straight, or ace, if you aren’t. There’s a reason conversion camps don’t work.


If you genuinely believe people make conscious choices in their sexual orientation, and that the wider acceptance of homosexuality today is leading to more young people being gay, then why were there any gay people at all back when homosexuality was neither promoted nor tolerated? If people take on sexual orientations osmotically through exposure then why weren’t the kids who eventually became gay as adults in, say, the 1950s not straight?


That could be very hazardous to your health especially if you were with your girlfriend or wife. LOL!


2357 Homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction toward persons of the same sex.

The Catechism uses the term “Relations.” So these are people that have already given into their inclinations, or are committing sinful same sex acts, or have given their intellect over to think this as a good and are having an innapropriate relationship with another of the same sex.


No kidding :rofl:


Very true. Hormones can be extremely powerful in many different ways. Our chemical makeup in our bodies can cause very many different things to happen.


Actually homosexuality was always promoted, just not on a very wide scale before like the 1990’s.

Promoted on a small scale, it really didn’t resonate with the high numbers it does today.

Take a look at the short “boys beware” film on youtube, you’ll see how men would work on teenage boys back in my day. But that was one on one promotion, just doesn’t create the numbers that putting it on nationwide TV does.


It goes on to say “2359 Homosexual persons are called to chastity.” It’s pretty clear that it’s telling homosexual folk how to act and doesn’t say that by being chaste they are no longer homosexual. Sorry, friend, it’s just what the word means and there’s nothing wrong with that.


Just to clear up some confusion, just because you’re a guy and think “that dude is handsome” doesn’t mean you’re gay, you can admire someone’s looks without being attracted to them. You might be if you thought “that dude is handsome, i really wanna kiss him


It was literally illegal in your state until 1980. That is not what “promoted” means.

And “Boys Beware” is on par with “Tell Your Children!” in terms of propaganda scare campaigns.


A PSA film warning young men that gay men are sexual predators is evidence that homosexuality was acceptable? Seriously?


Not that homosexuality was acceptable, but that it was being promoted.

That’s the message behind the film- there are homosexuals out there trying to recruit young men into the orientation- so beware this is what they are up to.


See I have never thought the “choice” camp made a bit of sense. Who would choose such a thing. That suicide, terror of being discovered, risk of being disowned, bullying, loss of promotion in jobs, discrimination, the prospect of growing old alone, all of that… choosing that, doesn’t make an ounce of sense.

When people bring this up to the “sexual orientation is a choice” camp, there are never any good responses. That is because there is no response. No one would want such a thing, certainly, no one would choose such a thing.

Gay folk, like anyone else, want to do what they can to make the best of their lot, so yes, they do want to feel safe and accepted. Should this come at the expense of business people trying to follow Christ? Absolutely not. I believe fully down to the last letter, what the CCC has to say about it in it’s entirety.

Countless people are killed and executed around the world every year over this. Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that this… is a choice.


That’s just not how sexual orientations work.

You don’t “recruit” people into them. You can’t be “turned gay”, don’t worry. If people could be “recruited” into a sexuality I’m pretty sure I’d be straight by now.

And again; homosexuality was literally illegal. It was not “promoted”. Why would people choose to be disowned from their families, to be beaten in the streets, to “join” a sexuality that had far fewer rights at that time?


You’re misunderstanding me. I don’t believe anyone just decides to be gay. I think there’s a possibility that certain environmental factors in the formative years of a persons sexuality pushes them in certain directions, and that once they start to exhibit one or the other they are treated in ways that reinforce it.

For example, the slightly effeminate kid in my grade school was picked on a lot for being effeminate, he sought refuge with similar minded kids, who were hanging out with practicing homosexuals and told that he was like them, and then started engaging in relationships with them as he got older.


It’s called fear-mongering.


Still seems unlikely. If that were how it worked then people could be counselled out of their orientations and that just doesn’t work. What seems more likely is that some folks are bisexual and repress one side or the other depending on the social situation.


Totally agree.

And, when people bring it up to me (“sexual orientation is a choice”), sometimes I ask, “Why did you choose opposite-sex attraction?” “How old were you when you chose it?” “Who “recruited” you into it?” I’ve never gotten a sensible answer either.

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