How to know if I were gay


No. It disturbs me when 13 year old children I tutor face me with “gay agenda propaganda” and I’m called to comment on it by them and their parents. That is what disturbs me. When the propaganda finds its way into the family and young peoples lives who don’t care and shouldn’t be exposed to that influence during their formative years.


I can see why on the surface that explanation would make sense to some people, your seeing what is on the outside. It is also possible, that effeminate kid could have been “born gay.” To me, if the kid was born straight, refuge with self professed or gay teens would have been an unbearable option. It would be gravitating towards a group the bullies wanted to place him in. It would have been validating the accusations of his tormentors in that kid’s mind I would think.

I have a house that I rent out. My agent’s handyman and I sat out in front of the house late one afternoon, and he had a bottle of vodka. We were working on the house. This man was very effeminate.

I started getting a buzz [so I stopped there :wink:] but not before I said something that he construed as me thinking he was gay. It wasn’t hostile, just matter of fact. We had been wandering across social issue topics. I didn’t want him to think he was making me uncomfortable.

Turns out, he was straight as an arrow. This guy was in his early 60s. He told me lots of people thought he was gay. His girlfriend my agent later confirmed this. No reason to hide it, after all we were in Atlanta. I doubt he was lying, I could have cared less.

Surely this man had problems with bullies when he was young. He could have sought refuge too, but evidently he didn’t. What about masculine gays too btw? I am not judging you at all for your views, I just don’t think it is always what it appears.


The film (public domain):

And here’s what a poster said about that film in another thread four years ago:

Remember: gays & lesbians used to be portrayed by the MSM, with the huge backing of conservatives, as filthy predators of children. It was through this lens that conservatives tried to ban gays & lesbians from becoming teachers. It was through this lens that people didn’t care about beatings or murders of gays & lesbians, least so if it was done at the hands of a police officer. It was through this lens that “PSAs” like this one got put out:


They paraded out that film to my sixth grade class. Some kids were shocked, others thought it was funny. One thing that struck me about it that was terrible. In the film the victim was charged by the police, [ as well as the man] and given probation. I couldn’t believe they would charge the victim.

That is what we grew up believing during the 70s. If you got attacked, they could throw you in jail or give you probation.


Have you considered the possibility that maybe “boys beware” didn’t actually portray a real widespread phenomenon but was actually just silly fear mongering? :open_mouth:


If you exclusively want to be in an emotional and sexual relationship of a member of the same gender, you’re gay.


Exactly, it wasn’t widespread back in my own youth. And neither were a lot of other things they warned us about- other films warned about drug addiction, cirrhosis, emphysema, tertiary syphilis. None of which were particularly widespread but it still doesn’t mean that it wasn’t useful to warn us about them.

They were doing their best to give a little street smarts to know it all city kids.


Not sure how that has to do with multiple threads on homosexuality, though.


I read most of what was said in this post. I have been dealing with same-sex attractions; I don’t think I was born like this. I don’t even think it’s a decision. I think it is somewhat learned. It’s hard to explain, but I think that society kind of makes us this way from homosexuality constantly being discussed/being around it and constantly seeing it in the media. I hope what I’m saying makes sense. Maybe it could go both ways — maybe people ARE born a homosexual, and some just take on the patterns of society. I don’t know.


For what it’s worth, I had never even heard of homosexuality when these feelings first manifested in me round about the year 1975 or so. I didn’t have a name for it, I just knew how I felt, and feel. Whether I was born this way is irrelevant, the way I see it. The truth is, the feelings exist, and I didn’t ask for them, or choose them, and nor do I delight in them. No sane person would have chosen this life, especially in 1975.


@kill051 Hm, I see what you’re saying… I don’t know. There are probably a lot of reasons why.


I have oftened wondered if there is not a particular agenda behind the multitude of threads…I got to thinking about how many there are here and did Google search on Catholicism and homosexuality, gay, ect…and the first hits are CAF…so some poor souls looking for direction on Catholicism and homosexuality, they see a plethora of these threads that basically sew more confusion…


I think it’s good to have the interaction, personally. The people doing this are reaching out for a personal connection with people they know are believers. Even if they are doing it to “stir the pot” it gives us a chance to show the love of God to them, show them the truth of our faith, and make personal connections with those who may not know or interact with Catholics in their real life. For good or malice, they were still led here and what a privilege to share our faith! :slight_smile:


I agree wholeheartedly.


No argument from your view, but also am aware the satan can use good intentions to his advantage also…not everyone is as altruistic as we would like them to be.


True, but God can use even bad intentions for good. For example - I am only Catholic because as a protestant I was dating a faithful Catholic and I couldn’t be ordained as a pastor in my church if I married a Catholic, so I set out to covert him. I went to Mass just to mock the whole thing, sow doubt in his mind, and pull him into my church. Altruism had NOTHING to do with my intentions…and yet, here I am. Because, despite my scoffing and attempts to rip his faith apart, I was met with love and knowledgeable people who could explain things to me.

Edit to Add: I thought God was calling me to convert the idolator (I was really against Catholicism), and in a way…He was. He was inviting me to try, so He could ultimately win my heart. I think even those called to scoff are still called. SOMETHING is drawing them in! :slight_smile:


I think you misunderstood. If I remember the film, it was aimed at convincing boys that gay men were looking to molest them. I’m saying I don’t think that was actually true…at least not any more true than straight men in general are looking to molest little girls.


Hooray, another “gay” thread! There can never be too many!


I know right. Too bad that other threads don’t have as much participation.


Yeah I got a sharp and sustained pinch in the ribs for that, back in the day.

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