How to know if I were gay


There are definitely some homosexuals that do seek to recruit teenaged boys. And that’s what the film gives a warning about.

It probably wouldn’t be an appropriate film to show today to kids, because there are all sorts of men practicing homosexuality openly. But when it was being shown, these are the kinds of gay men that we teenagers had to be aware existed when we were hitchhiking a ride or whatever. That’s of course another thing about the film, we kids used to hitchhike all the time back in the day. Teens today don’t do that.


You mean like how there are all kinds of straight men seeking to recruit teenagers? Again; that video is the silliest of scare propaganda that tries to paint all homosexual people as paedophiles. I was shown videos as a child warning about stranger danger, in particular about straight men who lure young girls away; does this mean that there’s a heterosexual agenda? Are straight people preying on our children?

And again; gay people flirting with you aren’t trying to recruit you. They’re flirting. And I really do wonder what you think on this topic; when straight people flirt with me are they trying to recruit me?


I hope this is true :grimacing:


And not to play captain obvious, but the “recruiting” language is pretty silly. If a gay guy hits on you, he’s not trying to get you to enlist in some shadowy paramilitary unit. Just say, “hey, i’m flattered, but I’m into women.” Works really well and they probably won’t throw you in a van and cart you off to a re-education gulag.


There are predators on all sides of the sexual identity equation…


I don’t think I would ever be “flattered” by an invitation to be sodomized, but that’s just me I guess.


Sometimes as an adult you say things that are basically just social pablum for the sake of politeness. If the waitress says “how’s your day going?” and I reply “good, how about yours?” it’s understood by everyone that I’m not sincerely asking and am just going through the appropriate polite response. Unless she is completely oblivious, she’s not going to start actually telling me about all her problems.

Similarly, if someone expresses romantic interest in you and you want to turn them down, it’s expected that you try to soften the blow somewhat, even if you’re just being polite.



I don’t think you can compare those things.


I think there can be many different causes of this. Some people can be influenced in a way that others aren’t so it can be a bit of a mystery.


If it was a large school, some of the students were undoubtedly gay. Just because you didn’t know who they were doesn’t mean they weren’t there. None of the other students in my school knew I was gay, and I later met one of my classmates in a gay bar and I had no idea he was gay when we were in school.


I am bisexual and I since puberty have pretty much always known. But I live as straight as I can because I also know the theology want kids and can observe natural Law. If you know you know. You can be curious but reproduction is natural state of things as well as the theology of the body so heterosexuality is still the preference of nature. Maybe you aren’t mature enough to know if you are gay or straight or whatever yet. Just know what the church teaches and whatever you are you are welcomed by her and by Christ whatever cross you might bear.


I mean, I get that Augustinian is probably half joking with his “invitation to sodomy.” I’m talking more about if someone of the same sex flirts with you or asks you on a date. If someone actually came up to you and blurted out, “how about I sodomize you?” then yeah, you’d be in the right to say “get the **** away from me.” Social norms go both ways.


You can maybe think about getting a Gaydar.

“The Gaydar is a human sexual orientation sensor that gives off a tone when passed over the genital regions of a homosexual or bisexual individual. The Kit comes with Bose headphones, and is available at Sharper Image.”



It was a moderately large school, about 2400 students. And believe me, there was a lot of crazy stuff going on and the vice principals had to really run herd over the student body to keep a semblance of order.

But we did not have any homosexuality going on in the building.


Yeah, it’s kind of like how my answer to a guy at work was “Sorry, but I’m just not looking right now” and “I’m not interested in being baby mamma #4 to a dude who can’t even buy a car seat.”

I am slightly amused sometimes at men being scared of having to deal with creepy advances.


Cut me a break on this, I’m not a homosexual and I’m not really up-to-date on what kind of rap is appropriate.

I’ll take your word for it that I would not have made a very effective homosexual in my day.


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