How to know if you committed a mortal sin or not?

For a scrupulous person. I know all three conditions that have to be in order to commit a mortal sin but i don’t know if i fulfilled all of them. How could i always know if i committed a mortal sin or not?

For those who are scrupulous it is very important for them to have a** regular confessor **who knows them --who can direct them and even give them some principles for them to follow in terms of their particular scruples. Such is the age old practice in the Church.

The persons regular confessor might tell them that when they are tempted to interior sins -that unless they are certain they have committed a mortal sin -that they had full knowledge and gave complete consent -they are to feel certain they have not committed a mortal sin–that sort of thing. Discuss with a confessor…he can guide you in your particular difficulties.

I would take great caution in dwelling on the degree of a sin.

Thats not to say we shouldnt examine our conscience.

The point being, our focus should be on what pleases the Lord and NOT how much we have offended Him.

Im always concerned about this spirit which is anxious about ‘how bad’ a sin is. If we have a pure relationship with God, through the reconciliation of Jesus, then we ought to be aware of what will destroy our relationship with Him. This would be a sin which leads to death. If your heart is clean when in prayer, without the guilt of something you’ve done which needs to be given to Jesus with true remorse, then it is most likely NOT mortal.

If you have a shallow relationship with Christ, or a superstitious one, you may be deceiving yourself and thus producing a false conscience (or in biblical language, searing your God given conscience) which is not based on Apostolic Teaching and Eucharistic devotion.

Im not trying to judge your intentions for wanting to know if a sin is mortal or not. I just get discouraged by so many Catholics uncertain if they committed a mortal or venial sin. The fact of the matter is that it is evidence that their relationship with Jesus and His Bride is very weak.

If you have any doubt of fulfilling the conditions of a mortal sin then you haven’t committed a mortal sin. One of the conditions is full knowledge, if you have doubts then by definition, you can not full knowledge. Of course, should talk it over with your confessor.

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