How to know if you’re hearing God’s voice?

How do I discern my own inner voice and desires with the voice of God and his desires for me? How do I know I’m not just talking to myself?

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If it’s a monologue, then you need to be quiet and let God dialogue with you.

But what do you mean by that? Your question is unclear.



Like how do I know God is the one I’m dialoguing with and not just my psyche. Like how do I know it’s God’s voice and not my own.

I’m in the same boat as the original poster. I too want to know if it’s Gods voice and not just my wishful thinking.

First, God will not tell you to do anything sinful. So, ignore any such impulses.

Second, it’s most likely not God if it’s something that’s totally out of character for you. At least not at the moment.

Plus, watch out for things that would be very expensive to do or buy, that would require you to borrow, or would require a great commitment of your time. Yes, these are sometimes asked of us…but watch for closed and open doors, and encouragement/discouragement from those you respect. As you rely on God more, you will learn how to recognize His voice.

God Bless!

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Ask God to send you a good spiritual director.

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May be also circumstances?
I used to drive bike Taxi.
I work among tourists.
I heard about coronavirus but as always do not afraid of anything, but hey few days ago I dropped my new phone and glass little bit broke(weeks ago I lost the phone) , again I loose my backpack during driving, then I could not open the garage for 30 minutes even if I knew the code.
Then I realized that it can be God’s voice, the message, the warning–just to stop.
I think sometimes God speaks (even screams) through circumstances.
Frequently our biggest problem is inability to listen.
What do you think?

Is what you “hear” in any way contrary to Church teaching? Do get some time with your Pastor to discuss as soon as you are able.

Hey J!

My experience is this: When I hear things that I wouldn’t say to myself.

There is also another thread on this topic.

There is an interesting answer on that thread from @Cloisters who is a nun.
May God bless you to enlighten you on His plans for you!

Chances are it is your wishful thinking.

I think it’s best to act as if you know that is you talking to yourself. Tomorrow sit down contemplate your day & consider how what you heard yourself say yesterday applied to your day.

After doing this for six months you should be able to discern what was God’s voice & what was yours.

I was told, by a very holy Protestant pastor, to go ahead and do what I believe is the best course of action, and God will close doors if it’s not the right thing. This has always worked pretty well for me. Along with prayer, of course. Be sure to ask him to make his will known to you.

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I always do especially during my rosary and my novenas with the intentions of his will be done not mine.

Whoa! I’m a married lay Dominican who’s founding a new Congregation in the Vincentian and Paulacrucian spiritualities.

Lay Dominicans are permitted to use their state of life abbreviation and the Dominican post-nomials.

I also practice reclusion as a way of life.

Just do your Daily Duty and events will lead you where He wants you to be.

Mrs Cloisters OP
Lay Dominican

If Our Lord wants you to know something, I believe he will reveal the information to you in someway.
I have been puzzled about a few things, and I subconsciously ask Our Lord to help me understand what it is. And the answer will somehow fall in my lap, from a source or a way that I would be happy with its authenticity.
But for a more important matter, I would seek a priest

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