How to live life while staying true to the father?


Lately I’ve struggled to really grasp a look on life and how I should go about living in it. I am a typical teenager and I like things such as rap music, basketball, tv, video games, ect. I have researched and found that people say In this world a materialistic and or a secular surrounded person doesn’t translate to the afterlife and spending eternal life in heaven with God. When listening to music or watching tv shows or movies I have never let the vulgar language, violence, sex, or any other wrongdoing visualaties change my view on God and what’s right. Some people seem to almost condemn people for listening to rap music and such because it is secular and could affect a person. I have personally always stayed true to my values and not let any of the materialistic things in the world control me or my actions. Although like almost everyone I enjoy the fun things in life. I want to have fun and use these things in my life but my faith always comes first. So my question is, can I enjoy the everyday material and pleasures of the current life while still pleasing God and making it to heaven? And how will God view our use of technology, fun, and material pleasures in the judgement?


Certain music lyrics and games are an occasion of sin. They may influence you without you even being fully aware. You have to exercise judgement in what you do in your free time and also set time aside to grow spiritually. When in doubt, pray for guidance.

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