How to love someone you don't like

At the moment it is hard to be around him. This does not mean that I don’t like him, I do, but one never knows how to approach him , what is going to come out of his mouth and how it is going to come out-tone. After he wrote that blog, as I think I might have mentioned that the only thing he missed was at the top saying this is dedicated to me, I just find it very, very hard to interact with him. So for my situation, though I am still thinking, I just want to not be around him so avoidance is my best choice. I have been going to another Church during the week and I do not come away angry or upset. After Mass has been a pretty peaceful experience.

I do understand where you are coming from and I thank you for your insight and advice. I will keep it in mind as I am still formulating which way I am going to go. I hope your situation will one day be resolved for you.

For supervisors, one of the most difficult tasks is having to deal with employee disputes. That means one should try to handle conflicts on a direct basis which does not always work. Don’t evaluate their job performance to others behind their backs, don’t backbite, name call (loser) behind their back because it will get back to them. (X told me you are a loser who does not handle your end of the log) Just be civil and Christlike and if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say nothing at all.

In my case there was a new young female co-worker who was introduced into the mix of mostly male workers. Her and i had the same task. The males were always slowing her down because they continually sought her attention. The sup hid in his office, probably had the hots for her too. When we had it out the males came to her rescue and i was the bad guy. Tried to work it out with her but never fully resolved.

Its all history now since i moved on to a better paying job and i do not see ever having to deal with that situation again. (hopefully) :rolleyes:

Maybe some scripture passages could help.
For example Matthew 5,45, where Jesus says that God lets Hos sun shine on the good and the bad and rain fall on the righteous and unrightous, or something like that (reading it in another language, me).
Not saying those other people are bad, but they are DIFFERNT, but still… we are all God’s children.
The Bible is full of quotes, just today’s (Lk6, 37 a) gospel tells us to not judge, so we will not be judged… such quotes can help us see us all as sisters and brothers, all loved by God.

We all have personality traits that others may not like…

Also, we all have our history.
And we all want to be loved and we all want to be happy.
Just imagine those people how they are just deep inside longing for happiness and love. And try to give a little bit of it, as a Christien brother/sister?

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This is a serious problem which must be dealt with in the RCC .Priests are human beings with emotional highs and lows ,dry spiritual periods,longings and so on as well as terrible lonliness,more than ever .Years ago priests lived in communities ,and with other priests and a housekeeper or two . Now they are often the only pastor ,alone in a world changing for the worst, and no one to confide in
You are too young and should leave him alone ,as you will only make it worse.
Instead find some older people and tell them what I have said about taking care of this priest .
He is human being not a Robot for others to press buttons on.

Many catholics need to grow up spiritually and intellectualy ,and the structure needs to change and quick,before there are more suicides .

This is for the general interest not at you .

I have faced this problem in my life, and I have asked God to grant me the grace to soften my heart toward certain people who I didn’t particularly like or get along well with. I struggled in particular with one person, and I believe He listened to my prayers and helped me to start being genuinely kind and accommodating to that person, which sparked a positive reaction back from her, and in time, a genuine fondness developed…no lifelong close friendship was formed, but I can honestly say that I do care about her enough to want to include her in my daily prayers and that today, I can see more of her positive attributes that I was blind to before. I’m really grateful God answered my prayers because it makes life so much less stressful, not to mention, I like to think it helped me move in the right direction toward God and His Goodness. So I’d start by praying for a softened heart toward these people, and in time, maybe things will change for the better! :slight_smile:

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