How to make a confession

I am sure I m probably being a bit scrupulous, but I really don’t know if I am confessing properly. I think I pretty much know when I have committed a mortal sin, but I get confused about how/what to confess as venial sins. I mean do we confess - I was impatient with my son, I talked harshly to my husband 2 times, and the like? I want to make a full, complete confession. I want to confess more often. I want to work harder at being more of the person that I should be. I think confession is a major way for me to do this. Could someone help me?

What you mentioned in your post about impatience and talking harshly shows that you recognize those are venial sins.

It helps to make you more mindful of them in order to avoid them in the future.

It took me many years to overcome expressing my impatience when my children were small, and it was prayer that helped, plus confessing the impatience.

Hello Susan,

I can remember when we had Communal Confessions on Saturday, but nowadays I guess we have the Internet instead. The Oakland Diocese was trying many different things in those days to improve things. The Saturday Service was based on (James Chapter 5, Verse 16) and we would sit across from one of the laity in the parish to declare our sins to one another, like the early Christians from the Twelve Tribes did. Naturally, a young mother having problems with her children would pick another young mother in the parish. And of course, there were the priests and other qualified counselors sitting there for more serious sins. At the end of the service a Priest went up front, and everyone present was forgiven.

It’s in the Bible, so I can’t see anything wrong with finding another mother in your parish, and declare your sins to one another. Then follow the procedure that your parish has established for Confessions.


You don’t have to give the number of times with veniel sins. I would say for example…“I have having trouble with patience with my children and at times speak harshly to them.” Veniel sins do not need to be confessed, but if it is a problem area then it is a good idea to do so.

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