How to make God a part of my daily life?

I just got out of a period of slight decline in faith and am searching for ways to better my schedule. I do a morning prayer, rosary, nightly prayer, and Bible reading. What else should I have? Morning meditation, just a whole hour for meditation, a divine chaplet, just anything to occupy my time with more God.

You sound like you’re off to a good start.
Keep in mind that the quarantine has thrown a lot of us off our normal routines, plus it’s been a significant stressor. So be gentle with yourself.

Maybe find an online bible study or spiritual growth group?

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@IlCajetan, You mentioned a lot of scheduled or structured activities, but of course you can recognize God in other parts and every part of your life. I am reminded of 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.

Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.

Rejoice, pray, give thanks in all things. How can we do that? In my own circumstances, I see God’s design, God’s providence, and the work that we need to do to cooperate in God’s plan, and I rejoice, pray, and give thanks.

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I pray Hail Mary all day. I focus on the words meaning etc.

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Wouldn’t be a bad idea to start listening to popular Christian radio. After a while you’ll develop a few favorite songs that you will be able to play in your head, anytime, anywhere.

When we do the stuff we have to do as part of living, like cleaning up the kitchen after supper, we can offer that up in union with Christ for the salvation of the world. All those things we might find tedious can become like dropping coins in the heavenly piggy bank that will one day be something amazing when God reveals what He did with it.


Gratitude. I would develop that sense. It will lead you automatically to the Giver of all gifts for which you should be grateful. You will soon, out of habit, thank Him for even small things.

Is it okay to not meditate, but to simply talk to God while walking or working out? I can just be very hyper at times, little hard to stay still.

Is it okay to not meditate, but to simply talk to God while walking or working out? I can just be very hyper at times, little hard to stay still.

I am no authority, but I believe so, though it is “dangerous” in that we need to often being to mind we are in the presence of God.

From my experience it is to easy to confuse our inner self for God & we’re actually talking to ourselves reinforcing false beliefs.

So it is good to take the time & contemplate God frequently, so when you’re conversing with God throughout the day, you are more likely to be conversing with Him.

It also helps, I believe, to speak the name Jesus while conversing

I hope this makes sense.

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Have you considered wearing a cross or religious medal for a “reminder”?
Our keep an icon or holy card at your desk.
I also read a spiritual writer who draws a little cross on her wrist as a reminder of God and to pray.

Try wearing a scapular. Get enrolled in the Brown Scapular. I also find Magnificat a good daily resource.

I used to wear a crucifix, burly now a scapular. I may start to wrap the scapular around my wrist or get a bracelet/ring because I have been wearing necklaces for quite long so they do not bother me.

We also want to take time to listen to God as well :wink: maybe this is where the Rosary or Akathist comes in: to quiet or slow our minds to allow us to listen more.

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