How to make your own Dan Brown sequel!

If you despise Dan Brown’s “writing” (I use the term very loosely here) as much as I do, you’ll love this:

Enjoy! :wink:

I must be the only one who likes Dan Brown’s writng .

I’m sure Dan Brown likes them too. :slight_smile:

I have enjoyed the writing style of Dan Brown. It’s face paced and enjoyable…it’s fiction…enjoyable fiction.

It appears that one phrase does not change:
“…its mortal enemy, the Vatican.”

I love it! (The generator, I mean: not Dan Brown.)

I put in “Paris” and “The Apache Tribe,” and got this:

** The Missing Rune**

An ancient labyrinth deep beneath the streets of Paris.
A murderous cult determined to protect it.
A desperate race to uncover the Apache tribe’s darkest secret.

It just wouldn’t be Paris without Apaches popping up out of the Metro, now would it?

Dan Brown stuff is humorous, but to get the most kicks you should know the history of Christianity and art history. Then you see the bloopers just rolling in! :slight_smile:

Fun stuff to waste time with; kind of like “sitcom TV show in a book.”

HAHA!! Thats great.

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