How to Mentally Prepare for Mass


Sometimes every week when Sunday rolls in I feel like not going to Mass. Not because I don’t like Mass. I LOVE Mass. It’s because I’m afraid that impure thoughts might ruin and depart my attention from Christ’s presence. Same goes with praying the Rosary. I know the devil is elusive. I’ve tried different strategies but I feel I need more help. How about you guys? How do you mentally prepare for Mass? And do you have any advice for me?


For me, the best preparation is to be in a serene, quiet place…meditating, praying.
Asking the Holy Spirit to be with me, asking my guardian angel to assist at Mass with me, asking that my mind be open to the message of the readings of the day, and for a worthy reception of Holy Communion.
If can be said that when we are trying our hardest to be close to our Savior the prince of lies tries to mess with us. Put it out of your mind as soon as you feel this coming on and have no fear. He flees at the names of Jesus and Mary.
Put yourself in the arms of Our Lord and go, and meet Him at the table. Realize that He is crazy in love with you, and waiting for you to show up!
God bless you, pianist


I try to get to Mass early before Mass begins. I sit in silent prayer before the Tabernacle.


Well, I often don’t prepare because I am a worthless sinner. When I do, I like to pray psalm 42/43 (the Judica Me Deus) and an act of contrition, then acts of faith, hope, and charity, then an Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be,


if you haven’t already get early to Mass and if alone sit quietly and keep your heart still. It might be a little harder if you are with someone.
Focus on the love you have for Jesus by either looking at the cross or think about Him who lost his life for us.
Any interferences take time to remove. These are called distracters. quietly push them aside. This may happen over and over again but that is ok. It is a discipline of mind and body.
If you get 5 minutes of prayer that is great next week it will be 6 then 7 minutes. Take your time. Discipline yourself.
If and when these distracters especially ones by the devil come to thoughts see, then quickly disregard it. Don’t think of it. Ignore it. It is when you pay attention to it when it can have a negative influence and it can seduce you. Either way, you can have these thoughts come through your mind which is ok it is not ok when you think too long about it or it bothers you. Remember, some of these thoughts that come to you are NOT yours so don’t take ownership of them. Ignore them. Do away with them quickly. You are not responsible for them. Train yourself regularly to remove distracters. The Holy Rosary is a good practice of this discipline. good luck.


I like to walk to mass & listen to Catholic Answers, or Daily Bread podcast. The walk is good exercise and the fresh air is a great constitutional.


We have a group rosary being said 45 minutes before the Saturday mass, it is very helpful in staying focused as the group prays together. If I can’t make it I like to get to mass early and pray the rosary.


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