How to not let Roman Catholicism criticism affect you?


I remember when the Episcopal Church FIRST began talking about ordaining openly gay people to the priesthood, there were many voices of concern from the Episcopal Church in Africa.

Christians, specifically Episcopalians living in third world countries with a Muslim majority were fearing for their lives. These African EC Bishops pleaded with the US church not to move forward with this. Of course the rest is history. I never saw any stories about them after that.

To be Christian, to stand up for your beliefs, even silently in the catacombs is to inherit the Kingdom of God, but it can also be dangerous or at least unpleasant for Christ’s followers. Most of us face it to various degrees.

Keep your eye on the ball, as they say in sports. We are here on earth for just a moment. I have to keep telling myself that. Time moves slowly when you are young, believe me it is true, the older you get the faster it goes. A few years from now, you will have forgotten about these people. Your relationship with God will still be there. Focus on that, especially when things outside get stormy.


Transilvania are numeroși catolici atât est cât și romani. Și mulți baptiști și evanghelici. Am constatat că preoții ortodocși români tratează, în general, catolicii bine în Transilvania și pe litoralul Mării Negre.


I’m having to do this today … I got blocked on Facebook today after an exchange over a “joke” an erstwhile friend posted about the Eucharist.


What’s the difference between Church and Religion? Also, what’s your definition of united?


The NT talks about “church.” Protestants and perhaps other criticize Catholics for traditions of worship and that is what they usually refer to as “religion” which the Bible does not speak of by that word, anyway. The issue usually is based on a view of sola scriptura which is bent towards the prejudices of the person arguing about it.

Catholics don’t need candles in church for example. The closest Biblical precedent for candles is the menorrah used in the Jewish Temple. On this website in a different topic someone included a photo of a menorrah that was on the altar during a Mass with P. St. John Paul II.

Recall, God gave Moses the commands of how the wilderness Temple was to be constructed.

So, then, what did the menorrah do in the holy place? Its shape was a reminder of the burning bush through which God had spoken to Moses. And it burned constantly as a reminder of the living Word of God that was with the Israelites.

Your average Catholic probably wouldn’t know this much or possibly not even agree with it. Yes, candles were necessary in the catacombs where the early Christians gathered for worship. So, they also symbolize the suffering of the early church which was subject to those conditions.

No, the NT does not require candles, but recall the “lampstand” mentioned in the Book of Revelation. That is closer to the essential meaning of it representing the Word of God, Jesus Christ.

Pope Benedict had 7 candles on the main altar for Mass, as a more explicit reminder of the menorrah.


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