How to not "lose my head" when combatting anti-Catholic ignorance


I don’t mind at all if a protestant has questions because sometimes I have questions too. What I do not care for are those that pretend to have questions but only want to use the time explaining to you how the Catholic Church is the whore of Babylon. LOL. No time for that type of ignorance.


Totally agree with this, not that I have ever been in a religious argument. However I think it is sound advice to only concentrate on the beliefs we share which there is many. This would be my angle, I have had a Presbyterian colleague who said all that matters is Jesus Christ, I could not have put it better myself. I will try to use his charitable example if I ever get into a religious debate.


That is a key point there! :thumbsup: Using your daily life and loving interaction with others is the witness taught to us by Christ by His actions. He cared enough to feed hungry people and to listen to the concerns of those with whom He came in contact while He taught.

Sometimes meeting the needs of those around you is the best example of teaching Christ!




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