How to not worry about the future


Lately, I’ve found myself worrying about the future almost constantly. I’m in my last year of university and I’m trying to decide what to do afterwards. I’m also worried I’ll make a mistake and not properly discern what path God wants me to take. I have some acquaintances and friends going to graduate school, med school, etc, and that is great, but I’m worried I won’t get in anywhere, and sometimes I catch myself comparing myself to them and I get discouraged. Sometimes I feel like I’ve failed at life already, because I’m so afraid that I will…I feel like there’s so much pressure on me to succeed from my family, society, etc. But at the same time, I KNOW what’s important is doing God’s will first, and that this is enough… that I should just try my best and leave the results up to Him. And that I should have my own goals not just copy those of others. We shouldn’t focus so much on worldly success anyways, just seek to build God’s Kingdom with whatever talents and gifts Our Lord gave us.

Does anyone have any advice on how to not worry constantly about the future when it’s really uncertain and how to keep on trusting God when you’re confused? Could you please also - if you can - pray for me because I’m really struggling :frowning: I’d appreciate that so much. I also don’t know how to deal with the pressure - I feel like there’s such a pressure on me to be successful ‘in the world’ and to choose a career JUST because it is prestigious - when really, I know that’s not the most important thing and not at all the reason we should choose a career… I don’t want to feel sad about my choice if it’s actually God’s will for me. But I feel like this is really affecting me and messing up my priorities.

also sometimes I feel so much regret that I didnt always get the best grades and there were courses I struggled with and barely passed. I’ve always been good at languages, english, history, etc, but not so much math, chemistry… Maybe this is just pride…but sometimes I really feel this way, and I can’t do anything about it, cause it’s in the past now.

why can’t I just care about what God wants? why do I sometimes feel jealous of others because of their success in the world? sinning in this way makes me so sad :frowning: why can’t I just rejoice with those who rejoice, like it says in the Bible? there’s so much in me that needs to be sorted out… I used to never feel jealous of anyone until I began to pay attention to all this pressure to ‘succeed’. I know there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get good grades, getting a good job, etc, but only if for the right reasons and only if it’s not a distraction…
my worry is a big distraction… could you please pray that God would point me in the right direction?

thanks :slight_smile:


Hi sister,

There’s nothing which anyone can do for you - but pray - and nothing which you yourself can do but surrender yourself. Perhaps you should spend some time meditating on seeing yourself as God’s creature, or as an empty vessel prepared to do God’s Will, whatever that is. In your meditation, you might reflect on the Annunciation and how Mary had no knowledge of her future role as Mother of God and what that would entail until the moment it happened. Perhaps you could even reflect on the life of Saint Francis and the richness of detachment, not just from material possessions but from ideas.

Don’t compare yourself with others; rather, spend time thinking of yourself as the lowliest of the lowly.

When I look back on my life, on all the decisions I’ve made, I cannot help but see God’s Hand at work. Decisions which I may deem as “bad,” such as quitting graduate school not once but twice in order to pursue a religious calling, have tended to bring about great good.

Keep at it. You’re a good person.


I will pray for you! I wish I did not have to make a quick answer but its late. But maybe its all you need. Pray tiny prayers often. Like “Jesus Mary Joseph help me.” When I am anxious, or about to get impatient with my son, I find breathing a few Jesus prayers helps calm me. I close my eyes and breathe in, “Jesus, Son of God” and breathe out, “Have mercy on me a sinner.”

Accept your anxious self, while you also ask Our Lord to take your anxiety away.

Accept your flaws and sins and foolishness, such as when you compare yourselves to others when you know better than that, and thank God for being who you are, foolish and flawed and helpless, and thank and praise Him for being who He is, so loving, so rich in Mercy, so wanting to help! Ask Him for His abundant graces to overcome your flaws.

These are difficult times and people do put too much pressure on young people and then so many people are anxious and accept anxiety as a normal part of life that its contagious! But Jesus can take you away and keep you above that and He so desires to cradle you in His peace. Quiet yourself with Him at least for a few minutes everyday so He can have a chance to place the peace in your heart that He so wishes to. And ask him many times a day to breathe His peace in you.

  • It is hard for me to tell you not to worry about such things, for I do the same. Just the fact that you know it is not the best thing to do is a positive start. Just the fact that you want to do God's will is so important!!! 

Pray to God with all your heart! He knows you inside and out. He is always there for you! Keep on praying!!!*

  • My prayers are with you, too!

God Bless,
Angel Face


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