How to nudge sister and her husband toward rediscovering Catholicism


Hello, all,

I would like some advice on how to proceed with my sister and brother-in-law, and if it is even my place to do so.

My sister, brother, and I were raised in a nominally Catholic home- we received the Sacraments, but rarely attended Mass. By God’s grace, I remained Catholic throughout college and I am glad to say my faith continues to grow with the passage of time.

My sister roomed with an Evangelical Christian in college who actively tried to draw her away from Catholicism (Sister regularly reported the “fallacies” of the Church to my mother on trips home).

Sister married another “fallen-away” Catholic, who also was persuaded to abandon his Faith in college. They now attend a Bible church.

This situation weighs on my mind and heart… I feel that if there is something I COULD do to gently nudge them back in the direction of the True Faith, then I SHOULD do whatever that is.

The questions are: is this any of my business? (two of the Spiritual Works of Mercy are to convert the sinner and instruct the ignorant). If it does lie within my moral obligation as a Catholic, how should I proceed? I’ve thought of sending her books and/or Internet articles. Even if she rejects me, at least I know I tried my best.

Is there anyone here who has faced this situation and can give some advice?

Thank you,



i haven’t personally faced your situation, but members of my family are “mostly/sort of” catholic and so need more faith development (as we all do)

first, pray.

second, get patrick madrid’s book Search & Rescue.
he tells you how to educate yourself to help with this task.
he tells you that you can only plant the seed, and then God makes it grow.
but he does offer a lot of examples and scenarios of what you might encounter on your effort to revert your family members.


The best sermon is a good example.

Try to find some common ground and explore it. Be sensitive to your sister’s faith–don’t send her anti-evangelical books or anything. Try to build bridges based on what we have in common (hey, we’re a Bible church too…) and then pray that she will cross them.


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