How to Obtain Perfect Contrition


When you commit a mortal sin, the only way to be returned to grace prior confession is to have perfect contrition.

This is taken from St. Louis de Montfort, and paraphrased and expanded from other sources.

Think of Jesus hanging on the cross. Struggling to breath. Everyone around Him mocking Him. Covered in blood and in agonizing pain. Submerged in mental anguish and humiliation. Know that you have done this to Him, your God, your greatest benefactor. The One who gave you life and keeps you alive. The one who prepared a place for you in eternal bliss. Instead of loving and thanking Him, you crucified and insulted Him. This should move you to perfect contrition for your sins. Now say a heartfelt Act of Contrition, meaning every word. Resolve to go to confession as soon as possible. You will be restored to God’s Grace, and all eternal punishment of your sin will be removed. You must go to confession first before Communion though.

Please spread the word about perfect contrition!

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So if I go to Confession with imperfect contrition, absolution does not return me to a state of grace? :worried:


Perfect contrition can bring you into a state of grace without the Sacrament (but you do need to have the intention of going as soon as possible.) But imperfection contrition will suffice with the Sacrament. Try looking at the CCC 1452 and 1453.


I worded that wrong, sorry. Imperfect contrition suffices for forgiveness if you go to confession. Perfect contrition returns you to grace before confession.


I worded that wrong. I meant that the only way to be returned to grace before confession is perfect contrition.


Beautiful, thank you :heart:


Okay, thanks for clarifying. Whew :sweat_smile:


Cool, this great to know!


1492 Repentance (also called contrition) must be inspired by motives that arise from faith. If repentance arises from love of charity for God, it is called “perfect” contrition; if it is founded on other motives, it is called "imperfect."
Perfect contrition comes from not wanting to offend God because of love. Imperfect contrition comes out of fear. I can’t find it now but on the old forum there were posts about how you could have both at the same time. How coo lis that.
I have to leave soon but I will try again to find those posts.


Here is one


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