How to overcome lustful thoughts/feelings?


I ask this because I feel I may have been called to become a priest, and to overcome these feelings and thoughts is effectively a mental trial set before me seeing as I (personally) feel that I fulfill every other requirement whereas the idea of being celibate is a problem.

Does anyone have any advice? Ideally, I’d like to remove the thoughts/feelings in a healthy way rather than suppressing them.

Many thanks.


speak to your vocations officer at your Diocese.


Try to fight it by replacing those lustful thoughts with thoughts that are wholesome. The graphic imagery of the Scriptures can easily overpower sexual images. One of the most soul stirring images I can think about is Isaiah chapter 6. When I’ve got a picture of a woman in my head, I set my mind on the Lord high and lifted up, and I imagine Isaiah pronouncing a curse on himself as the doorposts shake and the place fills with smoke.

Give it a try. Next time you’re confronted by images of a woman/man in your mind, set your mind on something that’s inspiring.


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