How to overcome my paranoia after?

I have been on lexapro 10ml since October for ocd/anxiety and it has helped me alot with my confidence and paranoia and everything. I missed taking them for a few days recently and I could feel myself getting paranoid again and feeling slightlyike I was before. I was wondering are these tablets suppose to cure someone or are they only meant to make you feel better while on them? I don’t want to be on them forever or feel the way I did before when I come off them please help? I am very worried now as I want to live a normal life and not think the paranoid things I did before about friends and family etc should I go to a priest for help?

You need to talk to your doctor or therapist who prescribed you the medicine. Discuss your anxiety issues, your goals for treatment, and follow your doctor’s and therapist’s advice.

We cannot give you medical or mental health advice on this forum. While your priest can help you with spiritual matters, unless he is also a trained psychologist he is not equipped to help you with your mental health issues.

[do NOT take this as medical advice. I am not, nor do I want to be, a medical doctor.]

My understanding of anxiety/ocd medication is it is symptom management; they don’t cure the problem, but instead make every day life more tolerable. Sort of like pain medication. If you have a broken arm, a pain killer wont heal your arm, but you will feel better.

I can appreciate you not wanting to be dependant on a medication. Talk to your doctor about possible alternative treatment options. A priest and a counsoler would definently be helpful to talk to. I would be careful about going cold turkey on the medication though. You can be in therapy while on the medication.

If you don’t want to be on the medication, talk to your doctor/therapist about coping skills.

Medication for anxiety alleviates the symptoms. That’s why doctors usually start with counselling-type therapies before moving on to prescribe medication - but you can have both counselling and medication at the same time, which may be helpful in your own case.

I’m sure that speaking to a friendly priest would help you, but primarily, this is a medical matter and I’d advise that you return to your doctor and discuss the whole matter with him/her.

Also not medical advice, just my personal experience; please consult your prescribing doctor.

I have taken various antidepressant medications in the past, and learned that some of these you cannot suddenly stop taking without having withdrawal effects or rebound symptoms. One should always take their meds exactly as prescribed.

God bless you.

Good point, Hodegetria

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