How to overcome worry


**How to overcome worry
Try to enjoy the worry
When worry is inevitable, enjoy it and be wise
Even continued happiness leads to mental worry
Thus happiness and worry must be alternative
If you are worried by the continued happiness
You are worried at the cost of the result of your good effort

Instead of this it is better to get worry at the cost of your sin
Let the sin give some trouble and then you worry out of it
In this way the result of the sin is spent and the not the result of good effort
The loss in your present worry may be compensated in the future
But the time lost in your past worry cannot be compensated
Because the life span of any human being is fixed

Your loss may be compensated by million times in the future
But even one second of your lost time can never be compensated
Therefore, understand this and think about the value of the time
This knowledge of the value of time is called as ‘Kala Janana’
Which means the knowledge of the future that you should know,

Which provides the possibility of the compensation of all the loss
Except the loss of time, therefore, time is the most precious.
You may waste anything that can be again procured in the future,
But never waste the time, which you can never compensate.

There are two ways to escape the mental worry in this world
The first way is by obtaining the peace, which is zero
The second way is by achieving the bliss, which is plus
Worry is minus, peace is zero and bliss is plus
To escape minus, either you should be in zero or in plus

Bliss can be obtained only from the Lord in this world
Since Veda says that the Lord alone is bliss “Anando Brahma”
Veda also says that the Lord alone can give you the bliss
“Esha Hyeva Anandayati” this is quite logical in fact
The water is alone cool and so it alone can give coolness
Whatever is said in the Vedas, it is always logical


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How to overcome worry

I prefer this advice:

St. Alphonsus Liguori, Uniformity with God’s Will


You have to love Lord without any expecation. You are happy now that Lord had died for you. Such people are not His people. His people will not even want to see Him hanged. Your love should not aspire anything in return.

Please try to love Him and do not consider Him as wish fulfilling try, in such case how you are different from a materialistic atheist?


This source comes from: :wink:

Tell me …why on earth you use the source from this “universal spirituality”? :wink:


You must anlyse the divine knowledge presented to you using your brain


Are you a Catholic for real? :wink:


You should love Lord more than anything even your religion. You should prove it practically. Those poor fishermen were real saints, they left everything and everybody for His Mission and underwent misery. There were not sitting in the family and gossiping and wasting time. They did not pray on the Lord in Human form present infront of them. They love Him and proved that love by serving Him in His mission of divine knowledge propagation.

Unless you love Him you can never ever become dear to Him. If you love Him in reality you are salvated. remember that sinner Lady she recognised the Lord present in the human form and applied costly scents on Him, which is the practical love. For her such practical love her sins were born by Jesus and He suffered the sins with the same intensity otherwise that lady would have suffered.

So, unless you reach such pure love on Lord you are not saved. You can NEVER FOOL JESUS!!


You are not answering my question.
Jesus created the Church - it is His religion.


You are confused about Jesus. Jesus means God. THERE is only one world and hence there is only one God. Religion is man made and offcourse it helps in maintaing peace in the society. Lord is above religion and you have to consider SPIRITUALITY.

Lord comes in human form known as Human Incarnation so that interested devotees can approach Him without any tension, they can touch Him talk to Him see Him and co-live with Him. He is known as Immanueal. The absolute God or Heavenly Father is beyond our imagination and comprehesion, such God comes to this earth in human form to give His presence to us. Jesus was the human incarnation to preach and uplift the interested human souls upon this earth.


I dont worry anymore because I know I have the truth.:thumbsup:


Good, but you should love Lord more than anything and without any selfish desire


He was here for your own sins.


You are a new member so maybe you don’t know that it’s counterproductive to come to CAF and deluge the board with threads that are nothing more that cut and paste quotes from websites that are non-Catholic. You would have more success if you started one or two threads with your own comments or questions, rather than “sermons” lifted from other people’s writings.


All the post are my work only.

Your devotion to Lord should not aspire anything in return


I wonder if God gets tired of me telling him how much I love him?


Are you saying this thread is yours?

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami
Anil Antony
Universal Spirituality for World Peace

Are you “His Holiness Sri Dattaswami”?

You are calling yourself “Catholic”?

Is this true?

Shed me some light please!


You are doing worship and service to God. However, you are asking some worldly desires. For all this, you are forgetting that God Himself is the highest fruit. You can get infinite happiness even by singing a song on Him. Then how much bliss you get from serving Him? Then you are getting the infinite bliss directly from the worship and service of God. Why should you ask some worldly benefit which does not give even a trace of happiness and instead gives misery only?

You are given a pot with divine nectar. You are selling it in a hotel for a cup of sugarless coffee. Therefore the devotees, who have tasted the bliss from His knowledge and from the devotion to Him, never ask for any other fruit. After all, the aim of the boon is only to get happiness. When you are deriving it in infinite quantity directly from God, why should you sell God for getting misery? The rich people who are blessed by God for their prayers are not at all happy.


What is your definition of Catholic? Water keeps asking and you keep ignoring him.


Are you saying this thread is yours?

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami
Anil Antony
Universal Spirituality for World Peace

Are you “His Holiness Sri Dattaswami”?

You are calling yourself “Catholic”?

Is this true?

Please be honest!

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