How to pack for family of 6 for pilgrimage with bishop

My husband and I are planning to take our 4 children on 2 pilgrimages this spring that are 8 days each. I should first say that our family travels frequently overseas and have since the kids were little. We travel well as a group and our teens give us very few problems about what they are wearing. Over time I’ve developed a specific way of dressing our family for traveling that really works for us. My children are ages 11 (twins), 13, and 15 years old. Usually when we travel we wear matching neon tee shirts (that I have printed ahead of time) and the boys wear travel pants with convertible, zip-off legs (which turn their pants into shorts). When we attend mass or visit a church I dress the boys in collared, short sleeve shirts with their travel pants and my daughter and I wear long skirts and cardigans. We have the T-shirt’s printed ahead of time with my husband’s company logo on them and when the kids were really little we would have our phone number printed on their shirts. The neon colors help us find each other in a crowd and identify us as a group when touring sites and boarding planes and trains. The travel pants are basic neutral colors like dark green or navy blue and look nicer I think than sweatpants or jeans. I also have the children wear matching zip-front hoodies in a bright color to make them stand out in a crowd. Hoodies work well for warmth but can easily be tied around waists if they get too warm. Everything we wear is very modest and clean but not particularly dressy and sometimes wrinkled. Would this be appropriate to wear on a pilgrimage with a bishop? I want to make sure we look respectful when at mass and touring holy sites but that we are all comfortable in clothes that are easy to care for (in other words, I could wash in a hotel sink if necessary). Should I bring nicer dress pants for Sunday masses? They will wear tennis shoes/trainers everyday which are clean and in good repair and comfortable for walking. Should I plan to have the boys wear collared shirts with their travel pants everyday or can they wear their neon T-shirt’s and travel pants (except for Sundays)? I think T-shirt’s, cardigans, and long skirts are appropriate for everyday for my daughter and I, do you agree? My daughter will tennis shoes with her long skirts (she’s only 11 years old) and I’ll wear very comfortable ballerina flats (comfortable ones made for walking but still dressy).

The Bishop’s we are traveling with each trip are pretty conservative so I want to make sure we show the proper reverence for them as well as the locations we are visiting. Thanks for your help!

I don’t have any advice here as we haven’t been able to do much traveling, but I’m excited for you! You sound like you’re good at making these kinds of preparations. Tell us how it went when you return so we can be vicarious pilgrims. :heart:

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If you are concerned, why not talk to the travel company? Ask them what other people wore from day to day, on similar pilgrimages.

If you are going to visit churches every day, maybe bring the cardigans unless it will be very hot! I feel kinda weird about going to Mass or doing devotions in a logo shirt, but a hoodie or cardigan covers a multitude of decorum problems. Or even a shrug, for us ladies.

But if it is just tourism, no big deal. You have it covered.

Bishops are also people. They wear comfy clothes in their down time and do not expect to be “ON” all day every day.

I think it depends on your itinerary, where you are going.

I don’t know if i would worry about collared shirts so much, but if attending mass, perhaps a solid color polo shirt might be a little nicer than a tee shirt with a logo and phone number on it.

You sound like you you really have planned well, I hope you have a wonderful time!

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