How to pray Many rosaries a day

I’m not trying to be prideful or say I can say the most hail Mary’s. I do what I can but how did St padre pio say so many rosaries? I wish I had the humility like padre Pio.
I ask for Padre Pio to help me be holy.


You can start with 1 rosary per day and then add one more etc.

Begin with what you can do. If that’s one rosary a day, or two a day, then do that much.
Then add one more and stay with that till you’re comfortable with it.
Then if you like, add one more to that and stay with it.

If it takes you a week or a month or several months to add a decade, then take the time. In the meantime you’re already praying the rosary every day. Even once a day is good. :slight_smile:


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