How to pray the 54 day rosary novena?

I am starting my novena on June 30 and ending it on August 22…the feast day of mary…I know it’s just like a regular rosay…but u have to say the mysteries in an order…
can someone please guide me on how to say this properly?
I’ve searched the net, but its somewhat confusing…I know there are additional prayers you have to say…:confused:

Great novena. I did it. I was unemployed for 16 months and even though getting a job was not one of my intentions, I was called up and offered a job without interview 3 days before the end of the novena. I started the day after the novena finished.

I have tried to upload a file. I hope it has worked. It has all the instructions. If it doesn’t I will try to do it again.

This novena was given to someone when there were only 15 mysteries of the rosary. Now there are 20. The lady who posted it tried to break 20 mysteries by 54 days but I told her to do it as original.

The original given by Our Lady was to say 5 mysteries each day (Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious) and repeat it 9 times for your petition (That’s 27 days) then repeat it for 27 days of thanksgiving.

There are different prayers for the 27 petition days and the 27 thanksgiving days. You say the thanksgiving even if your petition has not been answered.

If you need more information I will try to answer you.

Good luck and God bless.


Oh one thing…can you pray for multiple intentions all at once while praying the 54 day rosary?

Thank you McCartney! I am going to give it a try!

God Bless

Yes. I did.

Yeah I did that too :smiley:

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