How to pray the Rosary


How do you pray the Rosary? I don’t mean the actual technique of it, like when to say the Our Father etc… I understand that the rosary is a devotion to our Blessed Mother and that it is a contemplation on the Gospel of Jesus. I just need a little guidance before I start praying this.

Do you pray the Rosary everyday? Do you pray for different intentions for each Rosary or for each decade? How do you announce each mystery when praying alone? Do you use Scripture or pictures etc…

I would just appreciate any insight from those who practice this devotion. I want to make sure that I approach the Rosary with the right intentions. I don’t want it to become a rote recitation of just words, I desire for it to be done with reverance and meaning. I hope those of you who pray the Rosary can help me begin.

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Hi, You can pray the rosary whenever you like, every day or once a year. If you want to make a habit of it, then once a day is a good amount. If you’re praying for a particular reason, then you can pray for it on one bead, one decade or the whole rosary as far as I know. If you’re praying alone, you could announce the mystery in your head or out loud. Generally as far as I know pictures are not used. I’m only very recently a rosary user so I’d be happy for anyone to correct me… :slight_smile:


Thank you so much. How do you personally announce the mysteries? Do you use Scripture to set the scene of the mystery, or something else? This is the most difficult part for me. The mysteries are the purpose of the Rosary and I am not sure how to make them the center of it.

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I found this site very helpful.

May the blessings of our Mother Mary lead you to grace through our Lord Jesus Christ.


There are so many options! You should try different things and see what works. Here are some ideas:
-use a little rosary book that goes through each mystery (and has pictures). It will give you a little thought about what to focus on. My husband really likes the pictures, as he is very visual.
-look up the scripture and read the scripture before each decade. This helped me in the beginning, as I was very unfamiliar with scripture. So, just saying 'descent of the Holy Spirit' meant nothing to me.
-now I sometimes use a "Scriptural Rosary" book. This takes longer to pray, but has a reflection for each bead...not just each decade.
-my mother-in-law likes to pray each decade for a specific intention (i.e. she has 5 kids)

Be creative and try different ways. You will find something you like best. I tried praying a decade for different just confused me. So, I just let God know my petitions before praying.

Good luck!!! The rosary is a beautiful devotion!


To announce the mysteries I either think about what the Wedding at Cana means (for example), and what happened, and what Jesus did there that I could personally work on. Or I will read from scripture if I have a bible with me, the passages that go with each mystery.


Thank you everyone for your suggestions, please keep them coming. Also please share your experiences of how the Rosary has brought you close to Jesus or any way that you feel it has grown you spiritually.

I am wanting to grow in my prayer life. I recently started praying Morning and Night prayer from the Divine Office, starting slowly. But, the Rosary has just been on my heart. I have prayed it before, but not with consistency and it has been difficult. I have a CD of the Rosary called Through Her Eyes that I love and listen to often.

Thank you so much for your encouragement and suggestions.

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One of the techniques I use is imagining myself being at the place that is being meditated on.

For instance, during the Sorrowful Mysteries, I often image myself inflicting the scourgings on Jesus, placing the thorns on His head, or jeering and spitting on Him as He carried the cross and while he was being crucified.

In doing this, not only have I understood a little more about how and what he suffered, but how immense a love he possessed for me and all of us to suffer it willingly.


Here is a rosary experience/story:
I feel like Mary probably dragged me into the church! When I was a teen I dated a Catholic for several years. I would go to church with him and fell in love with it! My mom mocked me…with the sign of the cross and going to church regularly. I always tried to ignore it. I bought a rosary at one point and would hide it under my bed and take it to school with me so that she wouldn’t find it. I thought praying the rosary was one decade. I looked it up online and found it very confusing…but, I tried. I always felt very close to the rosary devotion. I now make rosaries. I finally made one for my mom (looked up a Lutheran rosary) and for my Granny. They accepted them with love because I made them. I hope and pray Mary will help them come into the church too. I have now given away several hundred rosaries that I have made. I pray for all the people who have my rosaries…those I know and those I don’t.


That’s wonderful. Mary brought/is bringing me into the church, too…I also went through about a one-year period of hiding my rosary! I’m curious, how do you make your rosaries, do you string beads or tie knots, or something else? I’ve heard of different methods. I would love to do this, probably the knot-tying version because I’m a starving college student and can’t afford beads. :smiley:


this is what i do! :thumbsup: yet i find it hard to pray the Rosary alone, but i find great peace when i pray it with a group. is that okay?


Wonderful! Making rosaries is great!!! I learned from I began with knot/twine rosaries (same reason, they are cheaper to make in bulk). I do make really nice beaded ones for family and people who I sponsor into the church. I found instructions for those online too, but forgot where. If you want, I will look it up again. Just let me know. Some churches have rosary guilds. You can always check into that and possibly get help (and sometimes supplies) that way. I keep wanting to start one at my church, just don’t have much time b/c we are putting my hubby through college. I understand the poor college student things :slight_smile: Good luck. Feel free to message me for more info if you want help!


Sometime I YELL the rosary when I can't keep my mind in control. Yee ha


I really like this website :slight_smile:
if you look at the top there are links about the various mysteries… if you click on them, you’ll get meditations for each Hail Mary. I’ve found that helped me with distractions.
Joyful Mysteries:
Luminous Mysteries:
Sorrowful Mysteries:
Glorious Mysteries:


Good idea - much more peaceful option. ;)


I’ve heard it said that the Rosary was meant to be prayed with others. I have prayed it alone and with others. Personally, I have received some of the greatest benefits (most of the deeper insights) when I prayed it alone. But praying it in a group has so many benefits as well. After all, as Catholics, we are all called to come together and this is a great means of doing just that.

There is nothing wrong with praying it alone or praying it in a group. Whatever you are most comfortable with. Yet I would suggest praying it sometimes alone for a more private and personal devotion (note that this private recitation does not have to replace a group devotion).


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