How to Pray the Shorter Christian Prayer


Today I received a copy of the Shorter Christian Prayer and would like to begin praying it. However, I can’t seem to find a clear series of instructions on how to pray it.

I would be most grateful if someone could point me to a good website, or if you could explain how to pray it to me. I am completely new to the Divine Office, so an explanation of the simplest of terms would be greatly appreciated.


I bought a copy of “The Divine Office for Dodos: A Step-by-Step Guide to Praying the Liturgy of the Hours.”

The author is Madeline Pecora Nugent and it is published by the Catholic Book Publishing Corp.

I bought my copy online but I believe you can get it just about everywhere - possibly even

I did find it to be of great help. :gopray:



A great, possibly overly thorough introduction to the Divine Office.


Thank you for posting this. I’ve been praying Shorter Christian Prayer for almost a year and this is very thorough. I’ve recently acquired the one volume Christian Prayer and this is good information for beginning to pray with it.

I will simply add that we are in Week I right now. And that in general, you can determine which week by dividing the week of the Liturgical Season by 4 (5th week of Easter divided by 4 gives you one with a remainder of 1). The remainder tells you the week. 7th week of ordinary time … 7/4 = 1 R 3… Week III.


SCP has a chart in front that tells you where we “are” the Monday after Pentecost (which week) because that does get confusing.

definitely read the preface and intor, and pp13 and following that give the outline for each hour, and read the first couple of pages of each hour with all the red instructions.

I strongly recommend before spending money on CP 1 vol or LOTH 4 vol you use SPP for at least one full liturgical year to get used to the rhythm of the 4 week psalter and the structure of the various hours. when you feel comfortable, go to the Sunday propers in the back, when you get used to the Sunday differences, start with the propers for the seasons, and major feasts. hymns are not mandatory so don’t worry about the right one, if you want sing or recite one that in general fits in with the time of day and the season.


Philflipsnor, I also meant to tell you that I have learned a lot by reading the posts, on various threads about the LOH, by those persons who have been praying the Office for some time, such as those posted here.:thumbsup:

They are a wealth of information and techniques.



Philflipsnor, out of curiosity, did you have your new CP book blessed?:confused:

I would like to have my CP book blessed but was told that was entirely inappropriate? I don’t understand why. :shrug:

While I was on retreat I bought a new compact NT and the Retreat Master blessed it.


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