How to prepare for a Healing Mass?

Hi everyone. This next week there will be a healing Mass held by Fr. Chris Crotty. I am just wondering, how do I prepare for this? I am definitely going to confession on the evening of the healing Mass as well so should I prepare a list of all my sins since baptism or what? :shrug::confused:

Prayer will dress your soul appropriately for Jesus, since He is the reason you go to Mass - any Mass. And be sure to ask Him for the graces of gratitude, preservance, and humility.

Thanks for the advice Eucharisted! I will definitely follow your advice. :slight_smile:

Hi Holly,
you only need to confess sins since your last confession :slight_smile:

to answer your question, perhaps prayer and fasting might help? :slight_smile: especially prayer… and reading the Gospels? *whatever brings you closer to God *:slight_smile:

God bless

Oh ok. Thanks Monica. :slight_smile:

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