How to prepare for Halloween?

The time is quickly approaching where demons can walk among us…Halloween!

I always hate this time of year and I always try to find sanctuary in a church, preferably with adoration, as the night approaches on the 31st until the saints can rise up again.

What other things can I do to protect myself and my house from demons??

A friend of mine suggested I bury rosaries on the four corners of my property but that seems sort of sacrilegious.

As it stands now, I just dipped my cross necklace and my rosary in the holy water in the baptismal font to protect myself and putting a cross in front of the fireplace


I’m a traditional minded Catholic. I have no problem with Halloween. My kids dress up as saints, or pop culture characters. Never had a problem with the demonic on Halloween. I do however, have aproblem digesting all the junk I eat from the kid’s stash.


I’m buying lots of good candy for the trick or treaters. Can’t wait to see the little kids’ costumes.


I’m curriuous. Why a Cross in front of the fireplace? Isn’t there one there already? Is there some sort of anti Christmas tradition of the demonic that I was unaware of involving fireplaces?

Pass out apples and other healthy snacks to trick or treaters. The demons will shreik and run in fear.


I don’t “do” Halloween. I just ignore it. Our All saints day Mass (for our Mission church) is Halloween night and I will go because I am the Sacristan and have to set up for Mass.

If it does bother you that much just sprinkle all 4 sides of your house from the outside with Holy Water. You can bury blessed medals at all 4 corners of your yard. Also blessed salt poured all around the outside of your house. Do you have a Crucifix in every room of your home?

But ask your Priest about all of this. He can help you more than my advice.


Honestly, you seem to be making Halloween into something it is not.

And rosary beads have no magical, good luck charm powers. Pray on them, don’t bury them.

I have never had any trouble on Halloween that I needed to do anything differently than any other day, and I am pretty sure I am way older than you.

Be at peace. All is well for halloween.


How does all 4 corners of your yard sprinkled with holy water keep Demons away? Is that a guarantee?

Not the 4 corners of your yard the 4 sides of your house. Holy water blesses and protects.

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Why the four? If I only do three will that be incomplete?

OK it’s not magic It’s a blessing. I bless all the rooms inside my house with Holy Water.


I am in agreement with you on this in that don’t see Halloween as a good Christian practice.
But we must remember the Saints and the Angels and God are still there while the Halloween festivals are going on. They don’t go anywhere.

To protect yourself from demons, and this is all the time , not just one or two days a year, stay close to God and the sacraments. Burying things can be very superstitious. Is your house blessed? Trust in God to keep you safe.


There are no demons coming for you on Halloween.

All these things you mention to protect yourself smacks of superstition which a sin of grave matter.


That’s everyday and everywhere.

Halloween is not some magical day when Hell opens up. It’s a silly secular holiday and you’re not in any jeopardy.

Have your house blessed by your Parish Priest and be at Peace.


I decorate with skulls and crows.


I would like to live in a Gothic Victorian house. Maybe put some pumpkins out. :jack_o_lantern: :ghost:


I like sugar skulls and pumpkins.

One year I want to do a Catholic Catacombs theme in our front yard.


The problem isn’t celebrating Halloween. The problem is that, according to my pastor, only about 10 percent of parishioners attend the All Saints Day obligation. Halloween is fine (at least for kids) but it’s not fine that it gets more attention than All Saints Day.


Actually, not to play both sides here, but there are demons coming for each of us. On Halloween, Christmas, Easter, yesterday, tonight, and tomorrow. We have protection from them from God and His Church.


I’m doing that this year as well. Perhaps a couple tombstones as well. Memento mori!

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