How To Pronounce “breviary”?


How does one pronounce “breviary” in US English? Also as in the app iBreviary? I’ve heard it different ways and want to make sure I sound edu-ma-cated!


I say BREEEVEREEEE but I say MONEZZZ for mayonnaise.


Bree-vee-air-ee. Heard from the mouths of both Americans and Brits, and corrected multiple times by them (I live in France, where the equivalent term is pronounced “breh-vee-air.” :blush:).


I sound like that after a couple of glasses of wine… :wine_glass:


UpUpAndAway, I’m Cajun, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.


No excuse needed for you. I’m not Cajun. I need wine. :grinning:




You’re Cajun? Part of my lineage is Acadian, so there’s a chance we’re related lol.


BOTH sides of my family came from France, to Canada and then to south Louisiana. Cajun born and bred.


That chance that we’re related has increased.


Nova Scotia is where they were KICKED out of due to the Deportation of the Acadians.


The chance has increased yet again; I am from Nova Scotia.


Well small world.


I’d say BREE-vee-er-ee, so just like aviary, but with BREE at the beginning. But that would be British English received pronunciation, not US pronunciation.


I have always said “BREH-vur-ee” and have never been corrected. I have a feeling I’ve been mispronouncing it all these years.


Looked it up. Per Google Dictionary, mine is an acceptable alternate pronunciation.

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard this word spoken. It’s just part of my reading vocabulary.


I have always said “Bree-vuh-ree”.


I say: bri-vi-ɛri


Bree vee air ee.


Here is how to pronounce breviary. The word is pronounced by a US male; however, it is also how we would pronounce it in the UK.

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