How to properly defend our faith?


What is considered a “proper” defense of our faith? As a practicing Catholic, everyday I see absurdities such as public schools giving birth control to 11
year olds and artists desecrating images of Mary and Jesus but would not dare do that to other religions like Muslims ---- Driving peacefully along in your
car, I’m sure you’ve come across folks with Darwin symbols on their cars which is a essentially mocking the “fish” symbol — the weight of so many attacks on our faith is enough to sway people from embracing their faith more and for those who make efforts to follow church teaching, it’s enough to boil our blood ---- so again, I ask - how are we to address such things and stay within the framework of being christ-like if you know what I mean – I shutter to use the term “fight back” but in some regards, a part of me would love to snap back at such absurdities but I fear the continued downward progression of discourse such actions would promote -
What are your thoughts?


Did you go to Mass today?

There were two readings relevant to this very thing.
Luke 18:1-8 Constant intercessory prayer.
Second Timothy 3:14–4:2 and knowing and using the Word of God to respond.


As I age, I am increasingly aware of the power of prayer. We can argue and explain until we collapse-to no effect. However, prayer is much more powerful, although not as personally satisfying, or as immediately effective as we would wish. All you can do for such ignorance, or maliciousness, is pray. Let the Lord take care of the rest.

Christ’s peace be always with you.


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