How to react to Jordan Lead Codices?

I’ve read a few articles claiming that the Jordan Lead Codices were “true”.

I’ve also read that the researchers were biased and many academics said that the codices were fake and forged.
I know the Church probably won’t claim anything about these artifacts but what do we, as catholics, should do about it?

As far as I am aware the Jordan Lead Codices have been determined to be fake by every independent scholar who has examined them. I am unaware of any serious scholar who does not reject them as a hoax.

There is no reason to have any reaction to them. Even if they were indeed ancient, they prove nothing beyond some group of individuals at that time believed something. It does not speak to larger Christianity. After all, if there was a major war in the modern day and 2000 years from now all that survived was a book that claimed Jesus was an alien, would that speak to the beliefs of most Christians in the world today? Would it add any weight whatsoever to the belief? Of course not.

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