How to receive a dispensation for Mass?

I have read that if an employer is requiring you to work a schedule where it is not possible for you to fulfill your Sunday obligation, you may receive a dispensation from attending Mass. Is this true?
Here is my situation:
I am a student athlete, playing football for my university. I am on scholarship, so the football team is paying for my tuition. Beginning in August, I am required to report to “Fall Camp”, which consists of 2 and 1/2 to 3 weeks of 15-16 hour days with no days off. Again they are paying my tuition and require me to attend Fall Camp.
During this time I will not be able to attend Sunday or Saturday night Masses, as well as a Holy Day of Obligation, without neglecting my requirements to the people paying my tuition.

Is it possible to receive a dispensation for these days? I am stressed because I feel like I am stuck choosing between Mass and my scholarship/ education.

Discuss the matter with your pastor:

CCC 2181 The Sunday Eucharist is the foundation and confirmation of all Christian practice. For this reason the faithful are obliged to participate in the Eucharist on days of obligation, unless excused for a serious reason (for example, illness, the care of infants) or dispensed by their own pastor.

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